1. Martiz

    PEOPLE CARRIERS are a bit like the family kitchen. Generally, they lead a tough life, get knocked about, could do with a good clean and have such a dizzying array of nooks and crannies that they’ll hide away a pair of earphones or piece of fruit for years to come, probably only reappearing when you have the car valeted after one of the children makes their lunch reappear.

    • 1.8 I4
    • 130hp
    • 137Nm
    • 9.5s to 100km/h
    • 6-speed manual


    1. Forea-ExpanseRX.png
    2. HiResPhoto104.png
    3. Forea-ExpanseRX.png
    4. HiResPhoto104.png

Recent Reviews

  1. MEM756
    Version: 1.0
    it's just great! Great design, great proportions and history! Guess this is intended to be a Ford, right?
    1. Martiz
      Author's Response
      Thank! It is supposed to be its own thing combining the elements from other MPVs and hatchbacks from that era, but yes the body has some ford resemblance.
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