Outdated Formula Cherrier F320 1.5

Beginner friendly open-wheeler

  1. 1.5 - Handling improvements and bug fixes

    Changelog :
    • Improved handling massively
    • Removed front wing instability
    • Retuned i5 version
    • Made the front wing stiffer
    • Improved tire grip
    • Script AI refinements
  2. 1.4.1 - Script AI compatibility

    Changelog :
    • Added proper separate refnodes
    • Added Script AI support (works properly instead of starting into the ground now)

    The front wing is pretty unstable for some reason now, it'll be fixed in the next update along with the wobble at high speed and FFB spikes under hard braking.
  3. 1.4 - Bug fixes and quality of life changes

    Changelog :

    • Added an auto cutoff to the DRS when more than 25% brake pressure is applied
    • Adjusted the front wing's height from the ground, should scrape less now
    • Adjusted the DRS's effect on aero, should be significantly faster with the DRS open now
    • Tweaked handling
    • Fixed buggy mirror reflections (finally)
    • Removed herobrine
  4. 1.3 - New skin, bugfixes and minor changes

    Changelog :
    • Added "KK Motorsport" skin and config (skin by @KrukasKlep )
    • Separated the front wing in a more realistic way since it was asked by a lot of people
    • Added a "DRS Active" indicator on the dash
    • New V6 tunes by @AbdullahBemath27
    • Tweaked front tires grip, should be slightly less understeery
    • Remodelled the mirrors, but they still have messed up reflections for some reason
  5. 1.2 - DRS, skin support and revamped front suspension

    Changelog :
    • Added DRS (key needs to be bound from the Controls menu > Vehicle specifics)
    (GIF, click to play)
    • Added skin support and 2 skins (UVs included in the mod's main zip)
    • Reworked front suspension (now a pushrod system instead of monoshock)
    • Reworked the V6
    • Added 2 new configs
    • Adjusted front wing downforce
    • Adjusted how the floor detaches
  6. 1.1 - Minor fixes and skin support groundwork

    Changelog :
    • Tidied up the config selection menu
    • Fixed V6 technically having no exhaust
    • Fixed the floor clipping with body nodes causing the car to shake
    • Laid the groundwork for skin support
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