Alpha FPS Trapez 0.14

A family car for every budget

  1. Marf_
    FPS Trapez


    A versatile family limousine produced by the Fabryka Produktów Samochodopodobnych in Poland. It may not be the cheapest, but it's pretty unreliable. However, if it is to break down, it is only in front of the house.
    Its production started in 1978 and ended in 2002. During this time it underwent several facelifts and other minor changes.


    It is offered in several engine versions:
    1.5 OHV
    1.6 OHV
    1.4 DOHC


    And some pictures:


    Me - modelling, texturing, Jbeam, configs etc,
    Mateusz Wieczorek - some parts for bodykits,
    @Vapordude - some parts for M89 version, overall support,

    @jj_oskar - stripes skin
    @waboll , @AdamPLGames, Czeslej - testing and feedback,
    @GoscOdBMW - OHV and DOHC engines adjustments

    @Car_Killer, @Ai'Torror - Jbeam support
    And everyone who has supported me in working on this project

    More body and equipment variants will be added in the future, so stay tuned.
    Keep in mind that this is an early version and minor or major bugs happen. If any of them happen to you, I would appreciate it if you share them in the topic so that I can correct them in the future. Of the currently known:
    -there and there are sometimes spikes when deformed a lot.

    This is pretty much everything for now, enjoy your ride :)

    I do not give permission to reupload. (but I know there are some people who don't care)
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Recent Reviews

  1. nigelraezer
    Version: 0.14
    This is my new default car. It's that good!
  2. mhegai
    Version: 0.14
    Yes comerade, your new name is Ferry Nais
  3. lasagna
    Version: 0.14
    i love the naming of this car =)))
  4. simo017rr
    Version: 0.14
    really good texture and the driving is so good i love this mod
  5. Daniel Lapicki
    Daniel Lapicki
    Version: 0.14
  6. Not-so-Polski
    Version: 0.14
    This is a fantastic mod. Not only the modelling but the road dynamics and behavior feel incredibly realistic. I had such good fun chucking one of the coral models around Italian roads. Turn in is quite sharp and responsive which really surprised me, but I believe it to be like the real thing...

    Things I would love in this mod if its possible:

    More tuning options for the engine. I have no idea what kind of real tuning options exist, but maybe some intake and exhaust options, such as twin weber carbs for the OHV, throttle bodies for the DOHC, exhaust manifolds and different tailpipes. Maybe turbos, however I have a feeling that will make the car unstable, although very fast in a straight line.

    One thing I noticed and didn't know was that the rear is a live axle with leaf springs. For other small cars with live axle/leaf spring combos, there are different options for improving the rear setup such as 4-Link, Watts linkage with coilovers etc... which allow for better control at the rear end. This would be super if its possible to include.

    I can't really think of anything aesthetic to add. maybe just some random customization options, things hanging from the rear view mirror, changeable radio head unit, additional gauges etc...

    Couple of bugs I noticed. Both types of shift light appear on the opposite side of the dashboard. Also when you spin and slide onto grass, the sound becomes stuck and to controls don't respond.
  7. driftbox
    Version: 0.14
    good quality mod
  8. Rajan Brar
    Rajan Brar
    Version: 0.14
    I've been wanting something like this since that ol' Skoda mod, because I love Eastern European jalopies having grown up watching people like YBR play games like Jalopy
  9. eocbhafmis
    Version: 0.14
    BeamNG is one of them games where you get a car you wouldn't want in any other game but you're excited anyway
  10. Asusvivogamer
    Version: 0.14
    great polish car. really nice quality
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