Beta FPS Trapez 0.3

A family car for every budget

  1. Bug fixes, new content

    Hello, update is here :)
    We are moving to version 0.3 Its quite big one, so you can
    experience bugs that did not show during testing. There is some weird deformation of Kombo tailgate but I will work on this later, also Wagon isnt fully compatibile with skin system so far. But lets see what we have got:
    -Kombo wagon version,
    -Fatum sedan version, both lift and prelift,
    -Some custom configs and new parts such as spoilers, rims etc.

    Some of reported bugs were fixed, I wont list them because...
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  2. Small hotfix

    Small hotfix for 0.2 update:
    -Milicja lightbar absence fix
    -UV mapping for M86 nosecone fix
  3. Bug fixes, new content

    Most of the reported bugs have been fixed, still there is some though. There were some hierarchy changes and renamed parts.

    At the moment it's all mass production hatchbacks of FPS Trapez. (I am not counting short-run production here)

    M83 - crisis version,
    M89 and M91 - RHD Version, made by @AdamPLGames,
    M97 - regular and Police version,
    Proper lightbar for Police,

    screenshot_2022-02-24_22-29-28.png up2.jpg up1.jpg
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  4. Bug fixes, new content

    Fixed most of reported bugs, and adjusted few things

    -M78 and M86 "Milicja" livery (@AdamPLGames)
    -Some tuning parts,
    -Engine swap

    szur.jpg up1.jpg up2.jpg up3.jpg up4.jpg
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  5. Fixed most of reported bugs/issues

    Fixed most of community reported bugs:
    -gauges reading,
    -hierarchy of slots,
    -small license plates avaiable on front bumper,
    -M89 hood vibrations,
    -made some of missing backfaces,
    -fixed NOTEXTURE on tailights
    and much more,

    -Coral T-rusty,
    -Coral - delivery drift missle,
    -Window stickers support,
    -Experimental rear race suspension,
    -Drift steering,
    -1.6 DOHC Robber engine,
    -Engine values adjusted by @GoscOdBMW

    and some other small things....
  6. Pre-release hotfix vol 3

    -fixed tailgate deform
  7. Pre-release hotfix with console errors vol 2

    -fixed jbeam console errors
    -cleaned up jbeams
  8. Pre-release hotfix with console errors

    -fixed jbeam console errors
    -cleaned up jbeams
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