French License plate 1.1.1

Old and new one

  1. logo update

    Thank @Julian Borracho for the heads up

    Updated logo of :
    • Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (01,03,07,15,26,38,42,43,63,69,73,74)
    • Bourgogne-Franche-Comté (21,25,39,58,70,71,89,90)
    • Guyane (973)
    • Martinique (972)
    • Nouvelle-Aquitaine (16,17,19,23,24,33,40,47,64,79,86,87)
  2. 0.15 : Eu wide format and text generation

    • Added EU wide format (52-11) for each style
    • Added text generation for every plate style
  3. better text parsing for SIV and new région

    You can know modify the whole licence plate (the two letter on the first line was static before)
    For SIV respect one of the format :
    • AA-000-AA[###]
    • aa000aa[###]
    [département] is optional
    The text isn't case sensitive


    1. siv2-1.jpg
    2. siv2-2.jpg
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  4. Département and color correction

    • Changed the blue to better match real plates
    • Département logo on SIV (read the mod description to check how it work)
    screenshot_00070.png screenshot_00071.png
  5. Remade font normal map

    • Remade font normal map lp_fr0.1.jpg
    • Remade normal map of SIV US format (AA letters)
    • Added Marianne in the background of SIV US style


    1. screenshot_00003.png
  6. fix

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