Experimental Fronter O1 0.1

A heavy offroad truck.

  1. lololol lol
    Tops out at 101mph.
    Has a boxer6 and Awd manual trans.
    Chrome. BeamNGdrive-013006437-RELEASE-x642_12_20197_50_55PM.png BeamNGdrive-013006437-RELEASE-x642_12_20197_51_33PM.png BeamNGdrive-013006437-RELEASE-x642_12_20197_51_55PM.png BeamNGdrive-013006437-RELEASE-x642_12_20197_52_21PM.png BeamNGdrive-013006437-RELEASE-x642_12_20197_52_32PM.png


    1. BeamNGdrive-013006437-RELEASE-x642_12_20197_53_01PM.png
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