Outdated Frozen Lake Version 5 5.02

Ice Ice, Baby

  1. Frozen Lake 5.0 RELEASE

    • Added new, highly detailed "suburban" area to map. Covers a couple square KM. Adds about 5 miles of roads within its interior.
    • Added about 15 miles of roads total to the map. Additions include highway areas and a new offroad section.
    • Multiple spawn points added.
    • Polish of new areas including road signs, sounds, etc.
    • Added light towers and some ancillary details to the airport area.
    • Few extra sounds here and there.
    General Changes:
    • Removed separate 'Night' and 'Whiteout' map configs. Reasoning, from top down is: (1) both were quite outdated and I didn't want to maintain them, (2) people can easily make a map be night by using the Environment UI editor, (3) the whiteout map was just excess fog; it didn't change road conditions or really have an effect on the feel of the map in my opinion. Any user can easily add the extra fog if they want.
    • Made the ambient temperatures a tad colder.
    Bugs/Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed several overlapping decal roads. There's a few that I didn't bother fixing but most are cleaned up well.
    • There's probably sections of the map that have weird or funky terrain or have floating objects. I haven't found these in my initial runs through the map, but please tell me if you find anything.
    Creator's Notes:
    This is so overdue, you guys have no idea. I started working on the suburban section over a year ago but avoided it because the outline was so daunting. I haven't spent that length of time working on this, but had a massive gap between doing this in my spare time mixed with work and school and other games, of course. I hope you enjoy what I have added here and I'll see you within a year, hopefully :)

    Resource notes: Environmental sounds heard are either taken from http://freesound.org or were recorded by me. Sounds taken from freesound.org have a creative commons license. Since I am not selling this product, and do not intend to, usage of this material from freesound.org is fair.
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