Fujigoko 29 aout 2020

a Japan inspired map

  1. bobby_boulgat
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    Fujigoko is the name for the 5 lakes area at the north of the Mount Fuji, in Japan.

    Kilometers of roads and paths varied in the forests, the mountain, on the lake side for diverse driving styles.
    There are a race track, temples, a village with typical houses and his flowered cherry tree , and many other things

    7 reversibles quickraces are available for the time trial mode

    There is also a secret area to found. Look the drawing on the billboard near the spawnpoints.

    ---- Big thanks to Ryvylo, for his feedback and his work on the Lua side ---

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    screenshot_00000.jpg fujigoko37legend.jpg
    fujigoko28.jpg fujigoko29.jpg fujigoko30.jpg fujigoko31.jpg fujigoko32.jpg fujigoko27.jpg fujigoko33.jpg fujigoko35.jpg fujigoko34.jpg screenshot_00001.jpg screenshot_00003.jpg screenshot_00000.jpg screenshot_00004.jpg screenshot_00005.jpg screenshot_00007.jpg screenshot_00002.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. PriusRepellent
    Version: 29 aout 2020
    Perfect for JDM cars.
  2. Bogwash
    Version: 29 aout 2020
    Great for road and dirt
  3. majorOwO
    Version: 29 aout 2020
    Just a fun map to drive on
  4. rafan
    Version: 29 aout 2020
    i like the mod very very much
  5. andrzejserafin5
    Version: 25 aout 2019
    This is the scariest map i ever drived on,good job!
  6. Pungpig2
    Version: 25 aout 2019
  7. Nathan24™
    Version: 25 aout 2019
    10/10 would drive on the wrong side of the road again.
  8. michael_zowski
    Version: 25 aout 2019
    The AI drives on the wrong side of the road, (it should be left instead of right), but otherwise, amazing job!
  9. Smapy
    Version: 25 aout 2019
    I'm Japanese, and I think this map captures the characteristics of Japanese culture very well. It's even more fun to play this map with a Japanese car mod.
  10. Valve Anti-Cheat
    Valve Anti-Cheat
    Version: 25 aout 2019
    Love the map! Where did you get the music from?
    1. bobby_boulgat
      Author's Response
      thanks. They come from searchs on youtube, about "traditionnal japanese music" "koto shamisen" (music instruments). So, i founded Gagaku, Sakura cherry blossoms, and peoples doing demonstrations
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