Fujigoko 25 aout 2019

a Japan inspired map

  1. bobby_boulgat

    Fujigoko is the name for the 5 lakes area at the north of the Mount Fuji, in Japan.

    Kilometers of roads and paths varied in the forests, the mountain, on the lake side for diverse driving styles.
    There are a race track, temples, a village with typical houses and his flowered cherry tree , and many other things

    7 reversibles quickraces are available for the time trial mode

    There is also a secret area to found. Look the drawing on the billboard near the spawnpoints.

    ---- Big thanks to Ryvylo, for his feedback and his work on the Lua side ---

    screenshot_00000.jpg fujigoko37legend.jpg
    fujigoko28.jpg fujigoko29.jpg fujigoko30.jpg fujigoko31.jpg fujigoko32.jpg fujigoko27.jpg fujigoko33.jpg fujigoko35.jpg fujigoko34.jpg screenshot_00001.jpg screenshot_00003.jpg screenshot_00000.jpg screenshot_00004.jpg screenshot_00005.jpg screenshot_00007.jpg screenshot_00002.jpg
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Recent Updates

  1. bug correction
  2. bugs fixing
  3. The Legendary update

Recent Reviews

  1. jwinturbo
    Version: 25 aout 2019
    *Eurobeat Intensifies!*
  2. xuey-s
    Version: 25 aout 2019
    Good map but when im playing in this map. I can see pixels, its only happening on this map.
    1. bobby_boulgat
      Author's Response
      it come from the light setting of the map. Look at the 8th post in Discussion. He explain how remove that
  3. A Sawblade Dude
    A Sawblade Dude
    Version: 25 aout 2019
    5/5 Would drive a slammed Civetta around this map again.
  4. Grease_Nz
    Version: 14 janvier 2019
    Awesome map, love all the Easter-eggs, Keep up the great work!
  5. HighDef
    Version: 14 janvier 2019
  6. Blv Beam
    Blv Beam
    Version: 14 janvier 2019
    I absolutely adore this map, but how the hell do you get rid of the static shit thats on the screen?
    1. bobby_boulgat
      Author's Response
      thank you.
      I don't know of which static you're talking about ... If you speak about the grain effect, look at the 8th post in the discussion tab. He explain how remove it.
      If you speak about the big stary box, just select and delet the objet. F11 for open the world editor
  7. Ali Hikmet
    Ali Hikmet
    Version: 14 janvier 2019
    Great job, and found one of the easter eggs :)
  8. Nopie Divide
    Nopie Divide
    Version: 14 janvier 2019
    Really liking the map and the spoopy side of the Suicide Forest. Guess it's a way to drive around with Japanese cars.
  9. CrimsonCrocodile
    Version: 14 janvier 2019
    Astonishing map! I can't believe I never found it before!
  10. Szymon2007
    Version: 22 mai 2018
    do you know that fujigoko exists? Its a Japanese name for the Fuji Five Lakes
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