Beta Gambler Pessima 1.00001

For when the grocery store is in the deep woods.

  1. sjbphoto
    The Pessima Gambler

    It answers the age-old question of, "What happens when you combine a snowmobile with a car and lift it?
    Equipped With Amazing Features Such as:
    - 989CC I3 Snowmobile Engine Connected to a CVT Transmission

    - Extended Bash Bar

    - Extended Hood Intake

    - Trimmed Rear Bumper

    - Roof Rack and Auxiliary Lights

    - Side Piped Exhaust for Maximum Pain

    - BeamNG Devs: Base game content.
    - Me!: Edit of content, parts, and jbeams.
    - MFD Discord: Help along the way.

Recent Reviews

  1. divebomber
    Version: 1.00001
    this very good
  2. Alex_Farmer557
    Version: 1.00001
    can you add mudflaps to the cut rear bumper please?
    1. sjbphoto
      Author's Response
      Ill look into it, thanks for the review and input!
  3. HeadlightsThePerson
    Version: 1.00001
    I made a off-road Pessima from stock parts, and it performed well. But this is EPIC!
  4. DaddelZeit
    Version: 1.00001
    Very very nice work! I like it!
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