Gambler tograc 1.0

Because someone said crossover's suck at offroading and i had to prove them wrong

  1. Fast1029384756J
    The gambler tograc is a tograc modified for offroading and stuff. I created it for the modding for dummies gambler modding challenge.

    This tograc was involved in a drunk driving accident and impounded, the owner refused to pay to get his car back and it sat in the impound lot until the owner drank himself to death. A hurricane also happened nearby which brought some flooding and caused water damage to some of the cars on the impound lot. This meant for tech filled tograc was pretty much useless as the water damage destroyed all the electronics and it was sold at an auction for only $250. Then it was bought by someone who had an arguement with someone on whether or not crossovers can offroad, and turned into a vehicle for the gambler 500. It was upgraded with larger offroad tires, better springs and stuff, tubular doors, roof rack w/spare tire and roof case, racing seats, half of a roll cage, racing steering wheel, spare tires mounted to the roll cage, and a fuel cell for the 6.0L diesel V8 that was found in a junk yard from a d-series. Also it had the words "Gambler 500" spray painted in pink on the sides


    1. screenshot_2020-05-12_00-04-35.png
    2. screenshot_2020-05-12_00-09-23.png
    3. screenshot_2020-05-12_00-14-40.png

Recent Reviews

  1. racecar2008
    Version: 1.0
    Crossovers are the entry level offroader. WHoever said they suck is wrong. BTW who said that?
  2. ast5515
    Version: 1.0
    I love the idea but there are a few issues.

    The diff ratio is different in the front and rear, causing drive line drag. It's also pulling to right with FFB wheels for this reason.
    It uses the 7 speed petrol DCT and the shift points of that are too high. Using the diesel DCT is better.

    These are all easy fixes and I still love the mod.
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