Garage to Garage East Coast USA 0.1

Delivering vehicles to random locations on east coast usa

  1. geexmmo
    Totally liked original Garage to Garage scenario on Italy map.
    But as time passes my love to Italy map fades away

    So this is my attempt to recreate garage to garage based on original scenario but now it's on East Coast USA!

    - Random spawn points
    - Random finishing points
    - Distance limiter so two points are not too close to each other
    - Mountains and forests
    - Couple of buildings props spawned on locations where there were nothing but road and forest

Recent Reviews

  1. Andryusha
    Version: 0.1
    Traffic works, distance left is shown correctly, no fps issues. But i couldnt finish my 1st run because the finish was set to high. I had to lift all 4 corners of car with node grabber for the finish to be counted.
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