Beta Garfield Heights 0.741

A custom suburban map.

  1. Occam's Razer

    Garfield Heights is a work-in-progress suburban map for BeamNG.Drive, which features multiple distinct districts and an autumnal theme. Making use of largely custom assets, the map has a visual identity all its own.


    As a result of some major material and level file changes, updating older versions of the level may result in a legion of errors. Go to Documents> and search for 'garfieldHeights' in your explorer window. Delete every single file that comes up, other than the .zip file. Sorry for the inconvenience.


    As this is a repository-friendly release, you should just be able to place the downloaded .zip file under your Documents>BeamNG.Drive>Mods folder.

    Do not use any of the custom assets inside of this map without my permission.


    Anyway, enjoy!

Recent Reviews

  1. thetreeseeker52
    Version: 0.741
    Guys, if you have no texture/material, uninstall the file and click the green button that says subscribe
  2. nasirfoxx5
    Version: 0.741
    it's a really good map, but i think if you fixed a floating house, i think you should fix a floating fence
  3. Dshaw2092
    Version: 0.741
    Excellent As Always.
  4. callumw1801
    Version: 0.74
    been a fan on this map for a while, however in the most recent winter update (0.21.2) the grass is completley broken and just shows a orange no texture error, however this issue asside this is a great map and fun to drive.
  5. Dogs1208
    Version: 0.74
  6. sweatyarmpits06
    Version: 0.74
    Great map. I personally love it but I'm kind of confused that when I spawn the grass had no texture and I'm not sure what to do. Amazing mod otherwise
  7. southerngale
    Version: 0.74
    Same problem as PatrickBsyd below me. Grass textures have gone weird. No texture on all footpaths, some roads, and the whole left quadrant of the map (other side of the river) Cleared cache so assume the new update caused the textures to break.
  8. PatrickBsyd
    Version: 0.74
    please need this update in 0.21

    am i the only get no material issue in 0.21?
  9. WhiteF0XPlayz
    Version: 0.74
    Hello! this map is just absolutely amazing. the roads are nice and the buildings are well placed. I also love the idea of adding working street lamps too. I have a request though. Is it possible that you add more street lamps to the map? because it makes the town 'real' if you know what I mean. other than that, 11/10!
  10. Man Cat Sage
    Man Cat Sage
    Version: 0.74
    Hey man... I've been having recent Texture loss on almost everything on Garfield Heights, and I looked in files, all that was there.. was the main .ZIP File. and I'm still having Texture Loss
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