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Beta Garfield Heights 0.74

A custom suburban map.

  1. Viaduct Town

    Occam's Razer
    Newest update, hopefully the second-to-final one before the map's final release. Included in this update:
    • The Viaduct Town. A new, low-property value community built in the northeastern corner of the map.
    • The James A. Garfield High School. A nice and surprisingly large building providing education to the masses. Includes an outdoor sports complex.
    • SFX emitters.*
    • Unique garages. Two (for now) enter-able garages that serve as alternate spawn points for the player.

    Also included in this update are adjusted clouds, more background mesh, several smaller details including external air conditioning units, road damage patches, TV satellite dishes, etc., slightly more rigorous LOD'ing for a handful of homes (should cut down polycounts by a few thousand), and better, if not complete, driveway coverage in the Terrace and Heights Districts.


    Please be aware that the newest areas of the map are still a WIP. The Viaduct Town has very few driveways, and the coverage of details is still pretty sparse.** The unique garages are also due for more detailing in the future.


    *What sounds are not from BeamNG come from Freesound. Credit for the highway sound goes to klangfabrik.

    **Also, there's a random duplex hanging out on the edge of the district, give it no mind.
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