Beta Garfield Heights 0.741

A custom suburban map.

  1. Fixed Materials, New Sky Settings, etc.

    Occam's Razer
    This update is something of a quick fix for the painful-to-look-at terrain material issues that came up a few months ago, and for the odd behavior of some of the layered materials. Those issues should now be fixed.

    Since I had some larger additions and changes in the works, this update also contains many of those. Still a long way to go, still a lot not yet done, but there should be plenty new to look at. Included are several new materials for things like concrete, brick, and shingle roofs, improved materials for windows and doors, better powerlines, and a greatly improved reservoir and industrial area. I've also improved performance by replacing the last of the static mesh-based roads, and adding more aggressive LODs.

    I'm not sure when I plan to release the next update, but hopefully I can crank out another before the end of the year.
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