Beta Garfield Heights 0.741

A custom suburban map.

  1. Fixed Materials

    Occam's Razer
    This tiny patch just fixes terrain and static materials broken after the 0.21 update, and also fixes one floating house.
  2. Fixed Materials, New Sky Settings, etc.

    Occam's Razer
    This update is something of a quick fix for the painful-to-look-at terrain material issues that came up a few months ago, and for the odd behavior of some of the layered materials. Those issues should now be fixed.

    Since I had some larger additions and changes in the works, this update also contains many of those. Still a long way to go, still a lot not yet done, but there should be plenty new to look at. Included are several new materials for things like concrete, brick, and shingle roofs,...
  3. Fixed/Replaced Traffic Lights

    Occam's Razer
    Replaced the [now broken] legacy traffic lights attached to the posts with WCA ones.
  4. Map expansions and improvements, new district

    Occam's Razer

    Hi, all! Long time, no update, but here's the latest version of Garfield Heights! Included in this update are the start of a new district, various small improvements to the previous ones, some subtle optimizations as well as a few replaced materials, courtesy of WCU.


    I'd like to stress that this update was developed with too little time and attention. Thus, the map is still sadly very far from being done. But, I wanted to release...
  5. Content Patch

    Occam's Razer
    Eeensy little content patch, giving some of Viaduct Town's potholes a bit of dimension. Be careful driving too fast over them. Also added are new streetlight models for the school, an improved strip mall, a greatly improved overpass for the freeway complete with entrance/exit ramps*, and a small myriad of LOD's to help optimize the scene.

    *The intersection itself is not complete. Also, the exit ramp texture is in .dds format, and for some reason results in a very...
  6. Viaduct Town

    Occam's Razer
    Newest update, hopefully the second-to-final one before the map's final release. Included in this update:
    • The Viaduct Town. A new, low-property value community built in the northeastern corner of the map.
    • The James A. Garfield High School. A nice and surprisingly large building providing education to the masses. Includes an outdoor sports complex.
    • SFX emitters.*
    • Unique garages. Two (for now) enter-able garages that...
  7. MODERATION : zip renamed

    Occam's Razer
    MODERATION : zip renamed
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