Gavril/Bruckell Super Steek Pack 1.1

Two massive and powerful V8's, and some fine-tuned configs utilizing them.

  1. LARGE UPDATE - 6.4L Power Steek Diesel and Grand Marshal Police Config

    With the 7.3L gas engine doing well, it was only a matter of time before the Super Steek engine family was ready to expand. The 6.4L Power Steek Turbo Diesel engine is now available for the Gavril D-Series!

    You no longer have to slap performance upgrades on the old 6.0 to get modern levels of towing power, though you still can if that's your thing, of course. All 6.0 performance parts work with the new 6.4!

    Stock power numbers for the 6.4L are 476 hp and a whopping 1058...
  2. Strength Update

    Strengthened temperature and torque ratings for all applications.
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