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Gavril CB40 1.02

A Gavril branded conventional schoolbus.

  1. Dummiesman
    (Now updated for 0.20)

    A school bus mod with several options, and hundreds of parts.
    upload_2020-7-19_1-58-1.png upload_2020-7-19_2-1-32.png
    upload_2020-7-19_2-3-29.png upload_2020-7-19_2-4-37.png

    Notable Features
    - An RV conversion / skoolie variant, not just a bus!
    - Working school bus lights, with a choosable flash pattern
    - Body on frame construction. The body can slide forwards in a crash, and break off.
    - Working dashboard switches, and custom sounds for emergency door alarm+air pressure alarm.
    - Over 350 total JBeam parts. Look around the part selector for some variation :)
    - Works in bus routes.
    - Working odometer that saves between game sessions

    Warning Lights Toggle - T
    Interior Lights Toggle - G
    Strobe Light Toggle - Y
    Side Doors Open/Close - F
    Crossing Arm Open/Close - F
    Stop Signs Open/Close - F
    Air Horn - K

    JATO - O

    Toggle High idle - SHIFT+H
    Toggle Floodlights - SHIFT+N

    Left Interior Fan Toggle - CTRL+1
    Center Interior Fan Toggle - CTRL+2
    Right Interior Fan Toggle - CTRL+3

    The side trim/rub rails clip through the body. I can't really fix that unfortunately.
    Upon outwards deformation of the body skirt, the seats clip through the body. I can't really fix that unfortunately.
    The bed clips through the body. I may be able to alleviate this by sacrificing some visuals and making a gap between the rear wall.


    @Dummiesman - Main Modeling, JBeam, Texturing, Lua work
    @VeyronEB - Engine modeling, engine & interior texturing
    BeamNG - Frame texture (ripped from semi), other misc textures such as graffiti.
    @synsol - Powertrain setup, engine tuning
    @on3cherryshake - Push button transmission setup
    @ItaliAsian - Frame modeling
    @xTakedown JnR - Hood mounted mirror modeling
    @synsol,@Blijo,@Stoat Muldoon,@Easternryder,@TrackpadUser, @Inn0centJok3r, @HR28QT, @Again_Dejavu - Testing
    @Maxy_к9-Fυяяу - Many helpful reference pictures+information of the real thing
    @TrackpadUser Spending hours doing the auto testing for config info :p
    @Easternryder - Helping out with pictures, information on parts.
    Native, banman, and all the others who helped me over at skoolie.net with lots of references and information

    There was a lot of work put into this. In fact, it was originally started in August of 2018, nearly two years ago! If you'd like to support my work, I have this donation link. I'm grateful for all donations that come in :)

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Recent Updates

  1. 0.20 fix
  2. Warning lights fix

Recent Reviews

  1. mrjp990
    Version: 1.02
    Excellent mod. Only thing missing is a powered front axle. The camper variant just screams " offroad" to me.
  2. mrsmash
    Version: 1.02
    col and gud mod
  3. adamgj38
    Version: 1.02
    A great quality mod with so much variety. All we need now is a European flat-nose bus (say, a VDL Pulsar ripoff) and we'll have completed the set.
  4. Mar4ick
    Version: 1.02
    haha bus with rocket go swooooooooooooooooosh boom
  5. DaddelZeit
    Version: 1.02
    Simply great.
  6. Orangematz
    Version: 1.02
    Excellent mod. Everything down to the little details are accurate and it's fun to drive. Only wish there was a flat-nose bus version!
  7. fiberbunny111
    Version: 1.02
    I've seen only about 2 different busses similar to this one, but both have too many missing aspects, no horn, no blinkers, and other various somewhat essential things. This one however, not only has a massive variation of busses to choose from, it also has every working feature any motor vehicle should have and more! I'm extremely impressed with the fans and the working light indicators in the cabin. Well done my friend, well done.
  8. TheSystemGuy
    Version: 1.02
    Extremely well made, Deforms nicely, and many parts to mess with.

    This is one of the best bus mods for this game I've ever seen.

    Would love to see an S1000 alongside this.
  9. hellacat
    Version: 1.02
    awesome bus! best front engine bus in the game. id love to see something like a huge gas v10 or something of the sort.
  10. roverp6
    Version: 1.02
    this is the best bus mod in beamng. (my favorite part is the fan)
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