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Beta Gavril D-Series addon by AR162b 0.7.7b

Oldstyle parts, XL frame with cargobox/rollback/wedgeback beds, flatbeds, (prerunner) suspension par

  1. AR162B
    Oldstyle parts, XL frame with cargobox/rollback/wedgeback beds, flatbeds, (prerunner) suspension parts, police parts, station wagon

    v 0.1.0 27th May 2014 (The mod repo didn't exist by then)
    v 0.7.0 19th January 2020
    v 0.7.1 22nd January 2020
    v 0.7.2 10th February 2020
    v 0.7.3 24th February 2020
    v 0.7.4b 20th March 2020
    v 0.7.5 20th April 2020

    Please note:
    I have little time lately to update/fix/add stuff. Things like properly testing, jbeam finetuning and cleaning, and mesh/texture finishing might be incomplete.
    Please understand, if you find bugs please be specific and let me know. For now I just hope the most severe bugs are fixed :)

    Made by AR162b for BeamNG.Drive

    If being used in a web video (youtube etc), please add a link to this mod in the description. I'd like to find my mods in those videos and it helps other people to find this location instead of a third party mod website. :)

    The D-series mod got finally updated! It started life in May 2014 (!) as simple classic flareside mod, it got expanded 'a bit' and got outdated multiple times.
    Current state was almost ready for release in januari 2018, but due to a lack of time I couldn't finish the last bit.
    It got outdated soon after, got it again almost ready in december 2019, but got outdated after the december 2019 update. Lots of flexbody and jbeam work was done to make it work on current version :)
    Notice that a lots of my modded parts got replaced by a original one, compare current version to this one ;)

    I am especially happy with the 'oldstyle' parts, which give it in my opinion a new, classic look to the vehicle. I'm quite fan of the 1970's round headlight era American pickup trucks.
    Big thanks go out to @SergentFido for fixing, improving, overhauling and creating many of these 'oldstyle' flexbodies, maps and skins.
    Many parts were once created for the D-series, the parts got updated by SergentFido for my (unfortunatly now) outdated H-series mod. This time I've modified these parts again to fit on the D-series.

    This mod is an add-on, not a separate vehicle. It doesn't overwrite any original file. It shows up under the original D-series in the vehicle selector.


    regular length beds
    - classic flaresidebed
    - custom, separate flares, railgate, rear bumper, taillights, bedside options, loads
    - flatbed
    - Custom rear bumper with taillights, bed loads
    screenshot_2020-01-19_12-09-42.png screenshot_2020-01-19_12-34-27.png

    long bed
    - flatbed
    - Custom rear bumper with taillights,
    - Bed loads

    'XL' beds
    - 'XL' frame based on the vans large frame (modded, stretched e.g.). The vans fueltank and license plates were merely copied.
    - Rollback flatbed
    - Custom rear bumper with taillights
    - wedgeback flatbed
    - Custom loading plates
    - Cargobox (based on the van cargobox but modded)
    - Ambulance box (direct copy of the official H-series ambulance box)
    - 'Tractor' upfit with a fifth wheel and a gooseneck hitch
    screenshot_2020-01-19_13-17-42.png screenshot_2020-01-19_12-00-36.png
    screenshot_2020-02-27_21-12-19.jpg screenshot_2020-03-24_15-15-10.jpg

    Oldstyle parts
    - grill and headlights
    - front valance with signals
    - front signals with fender fill
    - taillights
    - custom front bumper
    - custom rear bumper
    - Custom hood
    - Custom hood with hood scoop
    - Custom hood with large cowl
    - doors
    - side mirrors, custom made
    - side mirrors based on the T-series side mirrors
    - small side mirrors taken from the Barstow
    - interior:
    - custom dash
    - steering wheel by SergentFido
    - Barstow's steering wheel
    - door panels
    - signals stalk
    - gearlevers
    - seats (based on the vans but modded)
    - a custom dash (Only available for the wagon body!) (For now)
    - Barstow's 423, 353, 291 engine with intakes, superchargers etc
    - Barstow's auto gearboxes (3-speed and drag 4-speed)
    - Custom sidepipe exhausts
    - custom, larger rollbar lights and bumper lights
    - custom trim which 'fills' the dent
    - custom trim which 'fills' the dent with chrome strips
    - two two-tone skins which fit the custom trims
    screenshot_2020-01-19_12-15-31.png screenshot_2020-01-19_11-57-30.png screenshot_2020-03-16_23-01-21.jpg

    screenshot_2020-01-19_12-28-33.png screenshot_2020-01-19_12-30-53.png screenshot_2020-03-19_17-52-23.jpg

    'HD' parts
    - HD grill
    - HD hood
    - air dam with identification lights

    emergeny services stuff (parts are often called 'PD')
    - wig wag headlights; 'modern', 'early' and oldstyle
    - flashing front signals
    - flashing taillights
    - flashing oldstyle taillights
    - oldstyle lightbar (including amber, blue and red glass option)
    - oldstyle lightbar, second version (including amber, blue and red glass option)
    - custom classic Sheriff skin
    - custom ambulance skin
    - turnable and foldable A-pillar spotlights

    custom suspension and prerunner parts (prerunner parts are often called something with 'baja')
    The prerunner parts where inspired by the classic Ford prerunners trucks, thats why the Twin-I beams are a thing ;)
    Note that the prerunner suspension parts were designed to handle a lot of beating, it is not meant to be indestructible.
    Note 2: Due to a lack of time the suspension could use some finetuning.
    - regular twin I beam front suspension (uses beam suspension coilovers)
    - regular twin Traction beam front suspension (uses beam suspension coilovers)
    - adjustable 'sport' beam front coilovers
    - race spec twin I beam front suspension (wider and taller compared to the regular one) (uses beam suspension coilovers)
    - race spec twin traction beam front suspension (wider and taller compared to the regular one)
    - custom 4-link rear race suspension
    - wide front fenders
    - race bed
    - custom suspension links
    - bed sides, regular width
    - bed sides, widened
    - custom brake lights
    - custom fuel cell
    - custom spare wheels
    - custom tubular rear bumper
    - custom rollcage attached to the rollbar
    - front kickers
    screenshot_2020-01-19_11-49-18.png screenshot_2020-03-18_14-26-28.jpg
    screenshot_2020-01-19_16-02-55.png screenshot_2020-01-19_16-04-32.png

    Station wagon (WIP!)
    - custom frame (slightly modified regular bed crew frame)
    - custom station body (mixture of the short body and crew body)
    - custom tailgate doors
    - custom roofrack
    - Taxi adcarrier and taxi skin (taken from the Grand Marshall, modified)
    screenshot_2020-01-19_11-52-58.png screenshot_2020-03-16_15-44-23.jpg

    - 28 presets


    Ideas and known issues
    Please look at the first post of the discussion thread!


    Like my mods? Please support me by donating via Paypal :)

    So don't upload it anywhere without permission!

Recent Reviews

  1. Oxferd_Gaming
    Version: 0.7.7b
    Very great mod, i love how it adds more parts and other stuff for me to use and modify as my own vehicle in beamng lol, anyways i noticed theres 3 old style hood options, but why not a old style cut hood for the stage 3 and 4 superchargers to fit through? If you can edit the default old style hood and cut it so that the super charger will fit through i'd be happy! :) anyways great mod, it just needs a old style cut hood!
  2. Tux
    Version: 0.7.7b
    One of the best mods, however the recent update completely misplaced the steering wheel for the D-series oldstyle.
  3. DarcyW
    Version: 0.7.7b
    The mod overall is awesome, though my steering wheel, dashboard and shifter textures are missig, ive tried reinstalling the mod and clearing the cache and it wont work
  4. Mullayho
    Version: 0.7.7b
    Great work dude! I love the looks of the pre-pre-facelifted D series, is super cute. As for the suspension, the front I axels suck, just like in real life!
  5. Marto
    Version: 0.7.7b
    69/5 stars
  6. henlo bob man
    henlo bob man
    Version: 0.7.7b
    can i do a mod review for this pls
  7. tim324242
    Version: 0.7.7b
    The problem I have with the mod is 4 link baja style live rear axle's coilovers aren't working its acting like they are not there
    1. AR162B
      Author's Response
      That four link baja rear suspension will only work in combination with the prerunner bed. Other beds (or in combination with the D10) will not work as these do not have the suspension hardpoints.
  8. beanguy123
    Version: 0.7.7b
    the problem i have with this mod is that the police car's front wheels break off
    1. AR162B
      Author's Response
      Make sure you have the latest mod version, that front wheel issue should be solved two versions ago.
  9. TheIceCreamTruckKing
    Version: 0.7.7b
    Best D-series mod EVER! So many fun configs, lots of parts to play around with,and many things you can do with the trucks!
  10. ChristianDuGas
    Version: 0.7.7b
    Great mod. The only slight problem that I can see is that the turn signal lever and oldstyle automatic shift lever are not attached to the steering collumn and there are no turn signal indicators. Aslo, I wish there was a long bed version of the stepside to really get the late 60s early 70s truck look. Other than that, the mod is perfect.
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