Beta Gavril D Series Any Level Lift 6.20.0

A mock of the real life Any Level Lift for the Gavril D Series And Roamer


    Beam Ng update v.0.20 broke this mod, and this is my best and last attempt to fix it.
  2. Tailgate Working

    Fixed the mod so the tailgate function for the pickup truck will still work will mod is in use.

    Make sure to clear cache before installing new version.
  3. Configuration Fine Tuning

    Did some fine tuning on all the configurations.
  4. Updated Engines And Configurations

    I fixed the engine smoke production and its torque specs. Also tunned up the transmissions.

    I tried fixing the steering pullin left but not sure if it worked.
  5. Node Placement

    Fixed placement of control module node.
  6. The Roamer

    Added lift to roamer and added more parts and configurations.
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