Gavril D-Series Savage 0.35

Typical American pickup of the 90's

  1. Really Big Update

    - Configurations have been removed:
    D45 V8 4WD Savage Long Bed Dually (A);
    D45 V8 4WD Savage Max (A);
    D15 Savage Roadside Assistance (M);
    D45 V8 4WD Savage Flatbed Upfit (A);
    Savage Mid-Special (M).
    - The black front bumper has been added:
    - A lot of bugs were fixed (for example, 4.5L engine instead of 6.9L).
  2. Icons and Bugs Update

    - Icons have been updated due game update.
    - Found bugs have been fixed.
  3. Mod Size Fix

    Now mod's size is around 130 megabytes.
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