Gavril Engines AND SOUND! 6

Add 6 new engines and a 4 new transmissions!!

  1. on3cherryshake
    This pack adds 6 new engines and 4 new transmissions to the H-Series, D-Series, and Grand Marshal.


    NOTE! When using one of these engines, ALWAYS choose the 'Farox ECU'!

    And with the transmissions, always use the designated torque converters!
    It will make the vehicles drive the way they were intended!


    A 4.2L V6
    200 hp @4700 RPM, 255 lb-ft @3500 RPM

    A 4.7L V8

    237 hp @5200 RPM, 275 lb-ft @3600 RPM (van and truck)
    233 hp @5000 / 270 lb-ft @3700 (fullsize)

    A High-Output 4.7L V8
    252 hp @5500 RPM, 285 lb-ft @3500 RPM (van and truck)
    250 hp @5400 / 285 lb-ft @3500 (fullsize)

    A 5.6L V8

    278 hp @5100 RPM, 330 lb-ft @3500 RPM (van and truck)
    266 hp @5000 / 320 lb-ft @3500 (fullsize)

    A 7.8L V8

    345 hp @5000 RPM
    426 lb-ft @3500 RPM

    A 6.4L Turbodiesel V8 (van + truck only)
    241 hp @2800-3300 RPM, 517 lb-ft @1800 RPM
    322 hp @2800-3500 RPM, 622 lb-ft @2500 RPM (tuned)

    A 4-Speed automatic (470L) and 5-Speed automatic (550L-T) with ShiftLogic for the gasoline engines!

    A 4-Speed automatic (480L-D) and 5-Speed automatic (580L-D) for the diesel!

    ShiftLogic™ is nothing more than an advanced manumatic gear selection for the model year :D

    They are based off of real life engines, like Ford's 4.2L Essex engine, the 4.7L Chrysler Powertech and 5.2 Magnum, the 5.7L HEMI and 8.1L Vortec, and Duramax. They are all relatively similar in weight and torque outputs and fuel economy.

    You can think of the new lineup for the van like so:

    Compare it to the engine lineup of the 90s Chevy Express.
    A V6 - 4.2L V6 (GM's 4.3)
    A medium size V8 - 4.7L V8 (GM's 4.8)
    A large V8 - 5.6L V8 (GM's 5.7/5.3)
    A bigger, Heavy Duty V8 - 7.8L V8 (GM's 8.1L)
    A diesel - 6.4L V8 TD (GM's 6.6L)



    A rate is always appreciated, I love constructive feedback!! :D

Recent Updates

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  2. SOUND!!! and yet another complete overhaul
  3. Revamp!!

Recent Reviews

  1. Homer_Simpson
    Version: 6
    I really love this mod, but I got question. Can you put 4. 7L High Output V8 into Barstow? I love this engine and it's sound and I would like to have it in barstow :)
    1. on3cherryshake
      Author's Response
      Definitely! I could send it to you in the next day or so
  2. RageShade1
    Version: 5
    Awesome Mod, Ill be making a video on these soon (TechMaster2133 on youtube)
  3. workclock1©
    Version: 5
    Amazing, all words said.
  4. MuddyMan
    Version: 5
    Great mod and engines, i love the sounds however im not sure if its just me but they seem a little quiet. And apart from the leak which is understandable its awesome, keep it up:)
  5. pease
    Version: 2
    great engines.

    they all seem to have exhaust leaks though?? or is that just me..

    would you consider making the ford 6.2 gas engine?
    1. on3cherryshake
      Author's Response
      Yes all of them have exhaust leaks; I am not sure how to fix it, the sound update to the game broke it and I’m unaware of the devs have a fix yet.

      I could make the Ford 6.2 Boss V8, or something similar!
  6. GageH.
    Version: 2
    The 4.7L's is more close to the one used in the Dakota from the 2nd Generation. Otherwise, great mod.
    1. on3cherryshake
      Author's Response
      Nice! Exactly what I was going for. I use GM's 4.8L as a comparison in engine lineups for the Express van and the H-Series to kind of show where each engine falls. It was based off of the 4.7L Powertech, aka the Dakota motor :)

      I love your profile pic!!
    Version: 1
    I have a 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 4.7L.It'll run 120mph easy.
    About the mod.Now I have a big block for the h-45.
    1. on3cherryshake
      Author's Response
      Ahh, the glorious 4.7L. I want your car!!! They redid it in 2008 to make 335 hp instead of just 235. Twin spark plugs, MOAR COMPRESSION, higher cam profile, the lot.

      They're all out of my price range though. I can only afford a 05-07 3.7 or 4.7. Not that those are bad!
  8. ThatCarGuyDownTheStreet
    Version: B6
    Bring back da 6.1 pls!
    1. on3cherryshake
      Author's Response
      By popular request, I think I need to bring back the 6.1!
  9. rocksim
    Version: B6
    (GM manual mode is called tapshift, Tiptronic is a VAG thing.) The 7.8 is great for towing!
    1. on3cherryshake
      Author's Response
      Right, I know. I was just using Tiptronic as a general reference, there's a ton of different ones... Tiptronic, DSG, TapShift, AutoStick (Chrysler), SelecShift (Ford), GTronic(Mercedes), the list goes on. I'll come up with a Gavril one soon lol!
  10. The F12 of Maranello
    The F12 of Maranello
    Version: B6
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