Gavril Engines AND SOUND! 10.5

Add 6 new engines and a 4 new transmissions!!

  1. on3cherryshake
    This pack adds 6 new engines and 4 new transmissions to the H-Series, D-Series, and Grand Marshal.


    NOTE! When using one of these engines, ALWAYS choose the 'Farox ECU'!

    And with the transmissions, always use the designated torque converters!
    It will make the vehicles drive the way they were intended!


    A 4.2L V6
    200 hp @4700 RPM, 255 lb-ft @3500 RPM

    A 4.7L V8

    237 hp @5200 RPM, 275 lb-ft @3600 RPM (van and truck)
    233 hp @5000 / 270 lb-ft @3700 (fullsize)

    A High-Output 4.7L V8
    252 hp @5500 RPM, 285 lb-ft @3500 RPM (van and truck)
    250 hp @5400 / 285 lb-ft @3500 (fullsize)

    A 5.6L V8

    278 hp @5100 RPM, 330 lb-ft @3500 RPM (van and truck)
    266 hp @5000 / 320 lb-ft @3500 (fullsize)

    A 7.8L V8

    345 hp @5000 RPM
    426 lb-ft @3500 RPM

    A 6.4L Turbodiesel V8 (van + truck only)
    241 hp @2800-3300 RPM, 517 lb-ft @1800 RPM
    322 hp @2800-3500 RPM, 622 lb-ft @2500 RPM (tuned)

    A 4-Speed automatic (470L) and 5-Speed automatic (550L-T) with ShiftLogic for the gasoline engines!

    A 4-Speed automatic (480L-D) and 5-Speed automatic (580L-D) for the diesel!

    ShiftLogicâ„¢ is nothing more than an advanced manumatic gear selection for the model year :D

    They are based off of real life engines, like Ford's 4.2L Essex engine, the 4.7L Chrysler Powertech and 5.2 Magnum, the 5.7L HEMI and 8.1L Vortec, and Duramax. They are all relatively similar in weight and torque outputs and fuel economy.

    You can think of the new lineup for the van like so:

    Compare it to the engine lineup of the 90s Chevy Express.
    A V6 - 4.2L V6 (GM's 4.3)
    A medium size V8 - 4.7L V8 (GM's 4.8)
    A large V8 - 5.6L V8 (GM's 5.7/5.3)
    A bigger, Heavy Duty V8 - 7.8L V8 (GM's 8.1L)
    A diesel - 6.4L V8 TD (GM's 6.6L)



    A rate is always appreciated, I love constructive feedback!! :D

Recent Updates

  1. Fixing the F-ery
  2. Merry Christmas!
  3. Diesel changes!

Recent Reviews

  1. tqgamesroblox
    Version: 10.5
    Great engine mod always wanted to use a 5.7L V8. Though please make to engine stronger because it's very sensitive when crashing softly.
  2. Fredr3x
    Version: 10.5
    Add engine mounts please
  3. Alex.A_124
    Version: 10.5
    Please put engine mounts for the engines so we can acully drive them pls
  4. SpecR
    Version: 10.5
    Sorry bad english
  5. Asem1123
    Version: 10.5
    I love all the Engines, the transmissions, the feel and everything! I really like the engine sounds, although it's a bit quiet. But maybe that's just because the exhaust is sorta broken so the sound emitter is not at the back of the truck. I saw the starter sounds in the mod, and would really love them to be played when the engine starts, but BeamNG has yet to release the code for that so I'll just be patient. Bottom-line, great mod, keep up the good work!!
  6. The Only True Sanic
    The Only True Sanic
    Version: 10.5
    Hello i think these engines are great and i love the sounds. The only down sides are that the sounds are a tad quiet, and exhausts and intakes dont render properly, fantastic so far though!
  7. pjthedestroyer11
    Version: 10.5
    Really cool. Was the 4.7 based off of the 4.7 PowerTech V8 used in Dodge trucks of the early 2000's?
  8. Agera153
    Version: 10.5
    on3cherryshake, thanks for continuing to work on your mod. Once again, I really like it and I hope you find the motivation to fix the ignition and exhaust at some point! :)
  9. Agera153
    Version: 10
    Mod has gotten worse with most recent update. Sound levels especially for the V6 are far too quiet and ignition sounds have disappeared altogether.
    1. on3cherryshake
      Author's Response
      Mod has been fixed with the most recent update since, minus the ignition sounds. When I end up motivating myself to do more with Beam, I'll fix the ignition and the exhaust :)
  10. Trippychris
    Version: 10
    Love it! However the 6.4L diesel has lost a lot of volume, very quiet now.
    1. on3cherryshake
      Author's Response
      Yeah, they were super loud compared to vanilla engines. I could turn it back up a bit (I never actually checked to see how loud it was after I changed it haha) if it did get too quiet.
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