Gavril Engines AND SOUND! 10.5

Add 6 new engines and a 4 new transmissions!!

  1. Fixing the F-ery

    I have fixed the weird scrapey thing and the volume for all engines!

    Still no exhaust though, I can't seem to figure it out. If someone wants to fix it and then send it back to me then that will be how it's fixed, haha.
  2. Merry Christmas!

    Hello once again, dear BeamNG community! This is my firdt thing in a very long time but I figured that there would be no reason for me not to give y'all a Christmas gift. I have been tweaking this mod here and there for perfect drivability and realism. Unfortunately no exhaust issues were fixed but countless changes to shifting, torque curves, tuning, sound and more have been improved!

    Happy Holidays!
  3. Diesel changes!

    For once I haven't messed with all of the engines or transmissions! Just some requested features for the diesel :)

    I lumped all the transmissions together so you can select the manual and the diesel, so make sure when you go to select your transmission it uses the diesel specific variant otherwise you won't have the correct tuning or torque converter. I'm leaving the configs up to you guys because I can't make them and there would just be so many... but that's the glory of this mod...
  4. Torque Converter Tuning!

    I've tweaked some tunes and now the transmissions are smoother than ever!

    And the powertrain files have been organized - if you've ever messed with the mod for fun, you'll appreciate this.
  5. DIESEL.

    Fellas, I have added a 6.4L Turbodiesel V8 with its respective transmissions! Enjoy this, it sounds glorious and is pretty fun ;)

    Fixes: file orginization and OVERHEATING IS SOLVED!!!
  6. SOUND!!! and yet another complete overhaul

    OKAY! SO! If you're reading this then thank you. You may notice the power figures on the mod page are new/different! I've redone every engine entirely. New torque figures, and it differs depending if you have the Van/Truck spec or the Fullsize spec. Fullsize engines are detuned because the car weighs less and tires start spinning really quickly.

    Transmissions also retuned to be immensley nicer to drive.

    And sound!! Sound has been added! All engines have it!

  7. Revamp!!

    I have redone every engine! They make more adequate power, more realistically following their inspirations. The new specifications will be listed on the mods front page! Power loss through transmissions is also more realistic!

    All the modifications that have been made to the Pickup/Roamer twins have been made to the van.
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  9. Almost Full Release

    Totally redid the 4.2L, redid the 4 and 5 speed automatic and added torque converters to them. Drives super smooth now!

    Got rid of the 6.1L, not period correct. Awesome, a great engine but inaccurate.
  10. Almost Full Release!

    This update modifies powerbands.

    It also redoes the 5-Speed Auto! It now resembes the Ford 5R transmission, however the Gavril SelecTronic isn't made of glass! :D

    And the D-Series GETS SOME LOVE!!!
    Adds a 5.2L V8, with a 5.2 High Output version.
    Adds the van's 4.7L
    A 4-speed auto for the 5.2L
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