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Beta Gavril Grand Marshal V8 Twin Turbo 0.63

All the power you never needed, or wanted.

  1. Flames and NOS

    This update brings this mod to 0.11 standards with (perhaps a slight overkill of) exhaust flames and stuff.
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  2. Fixes

    This update fixes the fact I based the previous update on outdated jbeam files. The automatics now have torque converters and the manuals flywheels. I also added a drag automatic with transbrake. I hope I actually got everything right this time.

    Apologies for the late update, I wanted to include extra parts but I sadly don't have the time to finish them, so this update does not include any new meshes.
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  3. Gearboxes!

    Since people requested more gearboxes, I added... more gearboxes!

    What's new?
    - 6-speed automatic from the D-Series
    - Gearbox with the ratios from the T56 transmission from a Camaro
    - "Long ratio" gearbox with the ratios from the T56 transmission from a Viper
    - 3.15 rear differential to go with the D-Series automatic
    - 2.73 rear differential to go with the Camaro T56
    - 3.07 rear differential to go with the Viper T56
    - Adjustable race rear differential for those unhappy with my own choices...
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