Gavril More Engines Mod 1.2

V10 power!

  1. Capkirk
    When it was announced in 1987, Gavril's revolutionary new all aluminum, SOHC V8 was considered revolutionary to some, and an overcomplicated problem waiting to happen to others. Although expensive, it produced just as much power as engines with much larger displacement, while still managing V6-like efficiency. However, there was soon demand for an engine even larger than the 5.5L V8, for heavy duty applications. Gavrils aluminum plant couldn't produce a block with a larger bore, but this had been forseen by Gavril's engineers. Instead of making larger cylinders, they added more, and in 1989 the Gavril V10 was released.

    This mod adds a realistic V10, based off of the Gavril V8. It has a custom engine model, courtesy of @sjbphoto.
    Gavril 6.9L V10:
    • D35 V10 4WD (Auto and Manual)
    • D35 V10 Chassis Cab (A)
    • D35 Diesel Chassis Cab (A)
    • V10 LXT35 (Auto and Manual)
    • H15 I6 (A)
    • H45 V10 Chassis Cab (A)
    Grand Marshall:
    • V10 Mule (M)
    screenshot_2019-07-07_00-04-37.png screenshot_2019-07-07_00-05-27.png screenshot_2019-07-07_00-06-17.png screenshot_2019-07-07_22-24-53.png
    Discussion Thread Here


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Recent Reviews

  1. Peachy
    Version: 1.2
    Great mod, does exactly what it says, but there's no engine mount part so the engine falls down unless the exhaust is installed and connects fully.
  2. joogie (blake)
    joogie (blake)
    Version: 1.2
    does this work in the barstow
  3. fendora gang
    fendora gang
    Version: 1.2
    good work man keep it up :}
  4. michael_zowski
    Version: 1.2
    still good!
  5. eefoids
    Version: 1.0
    brilliant! love how its in the Grand Marshal!
  6. RenAzuma66
    Version: 1.0
    Love your mods Capkirk! One thing though, the V10 has ~250 hp and 450 nm of torque, but the real triton has 310 hp and 576 nm of torque, so you might want to adjust this. If the V10 you made isn't based on the Triton, just ignore this.
    1. Capkirk
      Author's Response
      It is loosely based on the Triton. However, the Triton was released in 1997 and used MPFI, while this is an 1988 engine using throttle body injection, so it makes less power. It has similar HP/L numbers to the 5.5L V8
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