Gavril Roamer Beamic Park Tour Car 5.0

Just like in the movie, but with a Roamer instead!

  1. The Full Remaster



    On (a few days short) its 4th anniversary, the Roamer Beamic Park has been fully remastered to offer a level of refinement and quality never seen before, bringing the mod to the standard it deserves!

    The full changelog is as follows (long list ahead!):

    General Updates and New Features:
    • 3D Model:
      • Several key parts were partially or fully redone.
      • Improved polyflow of all remaining parts.
      • Reduced polycount of all remaining parts.
      • Reduced the amount of textures used and deleted all duplicates.
      • Improved overall UV mapping.
    • Updated and improved jbeaming in several parts, specially the frame and glass roof.
    • Updated all jbeam files with changes done to the current stock Roamer.
    • Repositioned the hood spotlight to a more realistic way.
    • Added a tearable parcel shelf in the trunk
    • Added side boards to both main configs.
    • Added wood grain effect to the handle areas in the door panels.
    • Added lightbar support (Only concealed ones) with grill flashers support.
    • Added specific headlights to the Classic Beamic Park car with livery support.
    • Added facelift mirrors and front bumper to the Facelift Beamic Park car.
    • Added livery support to the Classic door handles.
    • Antennas can now be break off the car.
    • All extra lights (Top Lights, Spotlight, Bullbar Spotlights) are now toggleable as fog lights.
    • Moved the CHMSL in the Classic Beamic Park Roamer car to the top of the tailgate.
    • Improved texture around the main GPS screens


    • Removed a solid (and invisible) mesh below the glass roof, avoiding objects to enter or exit the car through the hole.
    • Fixed front electric engine not delivering power to the front wheels, which meant AWD wasn't happening at all.
    • Raised body floor to stop the batteries and other EV components clipping inside the car.
    • All extra lights now they stop working if they are teared off the car.
    • Fixed indicators in the Classic headlights blinking at the same time if the right indicator is activated.
    • Repositioned front electric engine to stop clipping with the front suspension.
    • Fixed several texture issues including mapping issues with the front spotlights, classic grill and upper middle tailgate
    • Fixed several mapping and texture issues.
    • Fixed position of both GPS screens within their frame.
    • Fixed small hole in the rear lower GPS screen.
    • Fixed rear halfshafts ending short of meeting the rear diff.
    • Fixed Classic Roamer being a 2WD car instead of a 4WD one as the badging states.
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