Gavril Roamer Rally/Race Performance Car Pack 1.0

Contains a racing skin along with 3 configurations.

  1. HR28QT
    This was the top vote on the Ibishu Pessima CoolMotors Rally thread so here it is.

    "These cars were funded by the Gavril20 Racing Corporation, but shit, they have to make money somehow. Pay up"

    Each of the 3 have a description and set price.

    Pack Contains:
    4.1L Low Budget Race i6
    4.5L Turbocharged Rally Performace V8
    4.5L Turbocharged Race Performance V8

    r1.jpg r2.jpg r3.jpg r4.jpg
    This car was manufactured in a facility that also processes dank memes.

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  1. Gavril Roamer Rally/Race Performance Car Pack

Recent Reviews

  1. bobyb55
    Version: 1.0
    YES! please make more roamer race skins with sponsors and stuff!
  2. TheActionHero
    Version: 1.0
    Came for the car, stayed for the dank memes. (I'm sorry)
    1. HR28QT
      Author's Response
      Don't apologize for the dankness it's my fault anyways
  3. GatheringAgate
    Version: 1.0
    So its a dank meme car. And also I cant wait for the next one.
    1. HR28QT
      Author's Response
      the tire company on it is called "Damson Tires" why wouldn't it be dank
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