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Gavril T-Series "Deathkart" F1.0R.1DA

Florida man heard karts were a thing, and gave it a shot.

  1. Ryo13silvia
    It was a lovely morning in Florida.
    Alligators being RKOd and thrown into drive-thrus. A kitchen exploding because someone microwaved a microwave.
    Nothing out of the ordinary.

    But then : it happened. A Pessima and Bolide overtook one Florida man's Gavril T65, both heavily modified into "karts".

    "How interesting! That certainly looks fun." He thought. Then looked inside his wallet. Just enough for a few metal pipes that could be the dictionary antonym for "safety", and welding that looks like it was done with a soldering iron.

    He first removed all dead weight, like doors and windows, from his T-series.

    Then, with his Walmart metal pipes, he did some genius work involving unprotected welding and cutting with various garden tools.

    And here is the grand result!

    Only in Florida. The Gavril T-series DEATHKART.

    The mod itself adds :

    - A kart cab and hood.
    - A slightly high-revving engine.
    - Race tyres.
    - A reinforced chassis.
    - Race seats - the Nomi one.
    - One custom config called the "Deathkart".

    Credits :
    - BeamNG team : for the awesome game, community and support
    - BeamNG Japan Discord : Testing, feedback, and laughing their heads off at first sight
    - Me : this whole operation. And model and jbeam.

    Media :

    ^Camodo goes tumbling down mountains with my truck! Go check it out!​


    1. screenshot_2020-05-17_23-36-32.png
    2. screenshot_2020-05-17_23-38-08.png
    3. screenshot_2020-05-17_23-40-04.png

Recent Reviews

  1. redjaklwhite
    Version: F1.0R.1DA
    I love this mod, but I think it would be nice if you could stick on headlights (or even just a taped-on light bar where the grille would go) for dark driving, and maybe a crazy overpowered preset for maximum Florida Man Power.
    1. Ryo13silvia
      Author's Response
      I was thinking about the light bar, it would definitely work better for this aesthetic! Also, I may or may not include crazy high-powered engines later on...
  2. OM NOM
    OM NOM
    Version: F1.0R.1DA
    10/10 Great track car
  3. Deleted User 987435132
    Deleted User 987435132
    Version: F1.0R.1DA
    I bet this is a great "kart"
  4. Trunkta
    Version: F1.0R.1DA
    As someone currently living in Florida I'm pretty sure that story actually happened somewhere.
  5. Nekkit
    Version: F1.0R.1DA
    Ah yes its the florida man again
  6. Obamamixdude
    Version: F1.0R.1DA
    Yet to try it out and it already looks fun as hell.

    The story just adds another layer of epic.
    1. Ryo13silvia
      Author's Response
      Thank you! I love writing backstories for my mods.
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