Beta Gavril Vendetta 0.8

Said to be one of America's finest creations... Ever.

  1. Revival update

    There are many small changes and improvements, especially in a few parts of the model.

    I've unfortunately forgotten what most of the changes were, so I'll leave that to you to discover them for yourself :)
  2. 0.76 Hotfix #1

    Alright, thank you guys for the feedback so far, it's been helpful; As a mod maker, sometimes I get too caught up in some things, and leave obvious stuff that needs to be fixed, well, untouched.


    I have;

    Fixed the exterior camera offset; Now it should be centered.

    Fixed the racing config to have the correct parts (Racing brakes are now actually being used instead of stock brakes.)

    Removed a useless leaf spring option from the racing suspension setup

  3. Pre Moderation hotfix #1

    Just a couple small fixes I needed to make, mainly to fixing some ride-height issues and adjusting/renaming a couple parts.
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