Gavril Vertex NA2 2.1

IT CAN FLY! A 2010s Eco Box, except it has 96 versions and 1000 parts to select.

  1. HUGE Update! Improved loading, fixes, changes, additions, OPENING DOORS! (yes)

    Ho, Ho, Ho!
    Wonder what santa has got in store for you this year? A brand new update with everything you could wish for!
    A list of 38 changes accumulated this update. It's a lot.

    Lets start off with the large changes.

    1: The doors are jbeamed and can open!
    2: The loading time should be about halfed now, the file size was considerably reduced (deleted textures)
    3: The lights can now break
    4: A new Christmas config was added with presents and a christmas tree!
    See further changes below, maybe you can find something that has always been bugging you that is now fixed :oops:

    • Doors have been jbeamed, new off-road doors added
    • Serverely reduced loading time (made textures smaller, removed a lot of textures)
    • Improved the center screen, it now shows the map's outside temperatue (changes with day time)
    • New, improved, lag-less Neon added, Change the glow pattern with "CTRL 1"
    • Fixed bug with windshield going haywire when removing certain parts
    • Fixed bug where the Power Shift DCT would not have access to LSD differentials
    • Fixed Hydraulics and renewed lowrider config
    • Fixed naming issue with front mud flaps
    • (Change) Lowered temperature for brake glow
    • (Change) Made all lights breakable
    • (Change) Improved mesh a little
    • (Change) Improved derby Wheel protector collision
    • (Change) Weakened front bumper
    • (Change) Applied godmode fuel tank to godmode rammer config
    • (Change) Heavily buffed front suspension and jato attachments
    • (Change) Improved the "door open" gauge light, removed need for lua file
    • (Change) Made roof flags skins instead of many meshes
    • (Change) Slightly edited body jbeam a little to improve deformation
    • (Change) Removing the steering wheel will break the steering to prevent you from magically steering the car without one
    • (Config Change) Put sport tires on the front of Quad turbo config
    • (Config Change) Changed rims of Camber config
    • (Config Change) Updated Offroader config
    • (Config Change) Shortened gear ratios of E-Drive configs
    • (Config Change) Renamed "Murrican Muscle" config to "Murican Muscle"
    • (Config Change) Lowered downforce of extreme front splitter to improve handling of Extreme Hillclimb config
    • (Config Change) Updated Focus Dream Build to look like the owner's new car
    • (Config Change) Added Roof rack with pipes and Ladder to Towing Spec config
    • Added @MGR 99 's "Very Bassy Music" to radio
    • Added BOV sound to quad turbos
    • Added Christmas music to Radio, added christmas horns and sirens using game files
    • Added roof racks with roof box from @StivJocuri , christmas tree and Pipes and Ladder from H-Series
    • Added blue burn on tip of performance exhaust
    • Added roof light bar from new trophy truck D-Series for Offroader config
    • Added modified 18x9 tires
    • Added jbeamed christmas presents for trunk and rear seats
    • Added rear window stickers for Vertex Dream Build config
    • Added "Christmas Edition" config
    • Removed Herobrine
    Above that, we have now reached 100 configs! (including the add-on)

    Here you can see the brand new config... it's pretty festive!
    screenshot_2020-12-22_15-08-48.png screenshot_2020-12-22_15-31-32.png screenshot_2020-12-22_15-32-17.png screenshot_2020-12-22_16-53-43.png
    The presents are all jbeamed and will fly around in the car! Also try the horn! ;)
    For some extra festive mood, switch on some of the new christmas music in the radio!

    screenshot_2020-12-22_00-41-03.png screenshot_2020-12-14_15-46-48.png screenshot_2020-12-14_13-52-36.png

    The collisions have also been improved, especially with the jbeamed doors
    screenshot_2020-12-22_18-54-55.png screenshot_2020-12-22_18-56-10.png screenshot_2020-12-22_18-57-39.png

    The Vertex Dream Build, aka @vistabluemk2 's real-life car has been updated to look like their new car! Their Instagram account is also mentioned on the rear window glass stickers :)
    screenshot_2020-12-22_15-41-49.png screenshot_2020-12-22_15-43-11.png screenshot_2020-12-22_15-42-11.png

    There are more improvements to various other configs... The Offroader has gotten some new unique parts for it, taking advantage of the new 0.21 update parts.
    The Tow Spec also has now got a roof rack with some utility cargo on it.
    The Lowrider config now has an orange stripe going over it and has an Innocent Customs windshield sticker to spice it up a little.
    The Camber Tuned config has been de-uglified as it now has the new Wangan 2P rims and some decals on it
    screenshot_2020-12-22_15-40-10.png screenshot_2020-12-22_15-40-32.png

    Here a random picture of the Focus going Mach 1 lol

    Anyways, I'm very happy to finally release this update!
    Happy Holidays and a happy new year!
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