Gavril Vertex NA2 2.1

IT CAN FLY! A 2010s Eco Box, except it has 96 versions and 1000 parts to select.

  1. The "Oh I had more ideas and motivation, so have this" -update. Car can now fly + 77 total changes!

    This might be the last HUGE update to this mod. There literally is not much that can even be updated any more and not much that can even be added anymore. Don't worry, this mod will receive a fix if a BeamNG update bereaks something.

    Anyways, there are 77 total changes (thats a lot, just scroll down some...)
    I have improved a lot of the existing structure of the mod and also added various things that just felt like were missing! I would like to hightlight a few changes at first. (scroll down to find some GIFs and images)

    Highlighted changes:
    • Added working wings to the Vertex Airways config!! It can now properly fly and has some cool details.
    • Added an infotainment screen that can display a map, a backup camera and the currently played music (when changed)
    • Added EV gauges, Eco gauges and modern gauges with screens that show stuff
    • Fixed the taillights
    • Gave the Laptop more functionality (can show a map, endless performance data and the desktop)
    • Improved the EVs by adding regenerative braking, better sounds, better acceleration and removing the ability to rev in N
    • Added the Lightrunner Theme Music to the radio! (Copyrighted music by Mark 'TDK' Knight)
    Full Changelog:
    • Fixed bug with Unbreakable engine block being able to be overtorqued, blocks can now also whistand millions of degrees of heat
    • Fixed bug where Supervertex was named Superfocus
    • Fixed bug where the front tires of the FWD dragster would be missing
    • Fixed Taillight assignments
    • Fixed rotation of props (steering wheel, needles etc)
    • Fixed bug with Innocent Customs config's livery not being white
    • Fixed bug with painted mirrors starting to float 5 seconds after spawning
    • Fixed shading on domelight
    • Fixed bug where rear door taxi livery decals would be assigned to the opposite side door
    • Fixed texture bug regarding crash test livery
    • Fixed bug with godmode mirrors being assigned to the Main body node group
    • Fixed bug where godmode rear door glass could make a glass break sound
    • Fixed accidentally mirrored fuel filler cap
    • Fixed being able to remove battery and friction upgrades from Electric motors
    • Fixed bug regarding the drift steering bending easily at max lock
    • Fixed semi i4 turbo intercooler pipe leading to nowhere
    • Fixed bug where Big Rear Antenna would tilt sideways after spawning
    • Fixed bug where Bosozoku wing would tilt after spawn
    • (Change) Given gauge screens functionality
    • (Change) Center screen "shuts off" when engine is off
    • (Change) Increased size of undercover police flashers
    • (Change) Lowered spotlight position of reverse lights
    • (Change) Made Vivace and V6 engines less loud
    • (Change) Changed handling of automation tires
    • (Change) Changed engine sound of E motors
    • (Change) Html-ilized the Laptop, 3 „modes“, map, desktop, performance, made message overlays not transparent
    • (Change) Lowered loudness of superchargers
    • (Change) Made suspension sounds more audible
    • (Change) Repurposed Pessima V6 to Duratec V6, new textures, 6spd auto, 6spd manual, cvt trans, replaced V6 trim with Focus SS Concept
    • (Change) F1 cams for V6 are now no longer as ear deafining
    • (Change) Removed EV transmission, more realistic now, extended redline, changed top speed and acceleration, now unable to rev in neutral, batteries change engine loudness
    • (Config Change) Applied V8 badge and V8 stripes to V8 swap config
    • (Config Change) Updated stats of Ecobooscht
    • (Config Change) Changed production dates of E drive Dragster, E Drive Trackday, SE Sport and EcoBooscht
    • (Config Change) Applied sideways V6 blower to meme config
    • (Config Change) Applied spoiler to SE Sport
    • (Config Change) Applied LSD diff to SE Sport config
    • (Config Change) Buffed SE Sport with supercharger
    • (Config Change) Changed "Basic Derby" config to "The Unfocussed" to fit the derby car name theme, given it a literally unfocused config image
    • (Config Change) Applied push bumpers to "The Unfocussed"
    • (Config Change) Changed colour of FWD drag
    • (Config Change) Applied rollcage to double decker
    • (Config Change) Applied underglow to Lowrider, street tuned, stanced, widebody kits, innocent customs, gold digger, The meme, shinyodd edition, gcg edition
    • (Config Change) Applied Laptop to Sleeper, drag variants
    • (Config Change) Applied Straight pipe to rally configs
    • (Config Change) Changed wheels of "The Unfocused"
    • (Config Change) Made derby beast more colourful, adjusted gears
    • (Config Change) Applied Dummy to Mythbusters config
    • (Config Change) Applied supercharger and race parts to fast donk
    • (Config Change) Changed Bosozoku configs
    • (Config Change) Improved Truck engine config, added rear ballast for better traction, improved looks
    • (Config Change) Applied drag wing to Quad Turbo config
    • Added EV gauges, Eco gauges, Modern gauges
    • Added CVT (Continously Variable Transmission) to EcoBooscht config, can be applied to V6 and vivace engines
    • Added modern gauges to SE Sport, Chistmas Spec, Innocent Customs, Deo Volente spec, Golddigger, Murican Muscle, V8 cop, V6 swap, V8 swap, Quad Turbo, Taxi Taxis, Failrace, GCG, Speirs, Cannon car, Ram Plows, trackdays, hillclimb, time attack, powerdemons, Vertexla 1, Supervertex
    • Added drag and stock car wings from pickup
    • Added option for broken windows
    • Added new i4 Top Speed Record config
    • Added 15x4 alder dragger wheels for rear, added aerodynamic hubcaps (+colourable option), added 15x4 alder dragger wheels that allow hub caps on
    • Added "reverse camera" to Infotainment screen
    • Added infotainment screen
    • Added functional Taximeter
    • Added regenerative braking to EV
    • Added divider wall to taxi config
    • Added Frunk, added cooling hoses to EV, added more wiring to EV
    • Added ECU tuning option for backfire crackles
    • Added backfire to broken beater exhaust to simulate missfires
    • Added Crash dummy
    • Added snorkel to Offroader
    • Added Supercharger to i4
    • Added head cover lettering to Duratec i4 engine
    • Added option to change head cover and headers to Duratech i4 for a more realistic representation of the actual motor and better visual tuning
    • Added plane wings to Focus Airways, strenghthened wings, made them heavier, made rudder work, controls can be inverted via slot
    • Added Manufacturer license plate design
    • Added Lightrunner theme music to radio // Music by Mark 'TDK' Knight, Copyrighted music. songs included 1:Element No. 10 2:Getting Away 3:Juno Rocks 4:Neon Night Racer 5:Night Driver
    • Removed Herobrine
    ~~Now to some pictures and GIFs~~

    Flying Focus!
    screenshot_2021-01-28_10-56-22.png screenshot_2021-01-29_15-12-29.png screenshot_2021-01-29_18-06-33.png screenshot_2021-01-29_18-08-07.png screenshot_2021-01-29_16-24-43.png

    Remade EV!
    It now has a frunk, cooling hoses, regenerative braking and way better sounds! They get louder the more performance orientated the battery is.

    screenshot_2021-01-29_17-51-47.png screenshot_2021-01-29_17-53-11.png screenshot_2021-01-29_17-54-37.png screenshot_2021-01-29_17-55-41.png screenshot_2021-01-29_18-00-53.png screenshot_2021-01-16_00-20-23.png screenshot_2021-01-16_00-19-49.png screenshot_2021-02-02_16-52-38.png screenshot_2021-01-29_17-41-46.png
    There also is an infotainment screen! It has some easter eggs on it too. if the screen has no map to show, it has some messages on it, one of them being "New message from innocent: Trans Rights!" :3

    Supercharger for i4
    screenshot_2021-01-29_17-34-04.png screenshot_2021-01-29_17-37-07.png screenshot_2021-01-29_17-31-01.png

    New Duratec V6 motor (240hp), featured in the SS Concept configs, check them out!

    Remastered Taxi
    screenshot_2021-01-30_00-19-35.png screenshot_2021-01-30_00-21-14.png

    Take a look at the rear wall and read what it says hehe
    The Taximeter works too!

    Remastered Truck Engne Swap

    Now it actually has rear end grip! Use this mod to tor heavy trailers
    screenshot_2021-01-30_00-14-11.png screenshot_2021-01-30_00-13-53.png

    New i4 Top Speed Record config!

    Has a cool new Laptop as well
    screenshot_2021-01-30_00-16-23.png screenshot_2021-01-30_00-17-06.png

    Fixed Taillights

    Other new stuff...

    Odometer, screens and some more!

    The mod page also has had some redoing! Check it out ^^

    I also uploaded a LEGACY version to the Discussion thread! Check it out!

    That's all, Have a great day and lots of fun!
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