Gavril Vertex NA2 3.1 Rework

Completely reworked. The most customizable vehicle in the game! 98 configs and 1300 parts to choose

  1. 0.26 feature update + bug fixes

    The Vertex is back with once another update which brings new 0.26 game features into the mod and also fixes some small issues and improvements.

    Full Changelog:

    -Fixed removing the transmission resulting in a gaping hole in the center console ...
  2. Bug fixes + added community suggestions + new things + small changes

    With the launch of the gigantic rework update, a lot more people had access to the mod and could test things. Thus a few small bugs were found which are fixed in this update! I also took a couple community suggestions to heart to allow you to build your optimal whip. Some small details and changes have also been added and made.

    Full Changelog:...
  3. The Rework Update - EVERYTHING Revamped, EVERYTHING updated. Over 215 changes

    This is the largest update I will ever make
    Simply writing this took me hours
    Me, @Theo Wilkinson , @Nacho Problem and @Shadows have worked on this update for 1 year and 3 months. Uncountable hours have been spent. But I am glad to finally present you BeamNG's most customizable vehicle! The model is entirely remade with a new interior, it has completely new...
  4. 0.23 Hotfix for HTML gauges + JATO/EV sound

    This is just a hotfix, no new content.
    This version might only fully work in 0.23 with the HTML gauges

    This version fixes the HTML screens, which broke due to some java sript changes of the game.
    The sound of the electric motors and jatos also are fixed now as their file paths changed.
    Sorry that the colours look a bit meh, that will change as the mod is undergoing a HUGE rework!
    The mod will also remind you to look out for...
  5. Small Bug-Fix Update, Revised Radio Lua, Changes here and there

    It's time for a new update
    This update addresses a few bugs and complaints from people. I fixed the small Nav unit that got broken in the 2.1 update, as well as the radio lua code that broke in the BeamNG 0.22 update. I'm honestly glad it broke because the revised code is SO much better and easier to edit!
    Issues like the Police cars being underpowered and the Deo Volente supercharger being too loud have also been fixed.

    Full Changelog:...
  6. The "Oh I had more ideas and motivation, so have this" -update. Car can now fly + 77 total changes!

    This might be the last HUGE update to this mod. There literally is not much that can even be updated any more and not much that can even be added anymore. Don't worry, this mod will receive a fix if a BeamNG update bereaks something.

    Anyways, there are 77 total changes (thats a lot, just scroll down some...)
    I have improved a lot of the existing...
  7. Bugfix update, added jato rockets option to double decker body

    After the last update, a couple Bugs were found and I just quickly fixed them and a couple of other things. Above that I added the option for JATO rockets to the double decker body upon request of many people.
    The naming of the engines also has been made more consistent and tells you what is what better.
    screenshot_2020-12-25_17-12-12.png consistency.png
    • Fixed bug so that godmode steering now actually is godmode
    • Fixed bug with liveries on...
  8. HUGE Update! Improved loading, fixes, changes, additions, OPENING DOORS! (yes)

    Ho, Ho, Ho!
    Wonder what santa has got in store for you this year? A brand new update with everything you could wish for!
    A list of 38 changes accumulated this update. It's a lot.

    Lets start off with the large changes.

    1: The doors are jbeamed and can open!
    2: The loading time should be about halfed now, the file size was considerably reduced (deleted...
  9. 0.20 Fix, NOS now creates fire, Mythbusters config, bug fixes

    Heyho meine lieben Freunde!
    screenshot_2020-08-11_18-58-09.png nos.png screenshot_2020-08-11_19-12-59.png
    This update brings (of course) a fix to the 0.20 update which broke a lot of tire related things. But I dont really like making an update just to fix something, so I brought in some new ideas!
    • Nitrous now creates fire! For that classic Arcade game feel (can be toggled via pressing K)...
  10. Added BRAKE GLOW, reworked Beater, added NOS injection models, added Quad Turbos, various details

    Hey hey!
    Believe it or not, I got even more ideas for this mod! A bunch of details and things that can be their own mod by themselves actually. And will be in the future.
    hotbrakes1.png hotbrakes2.png hotbrakes3.png 1turbos3.png screenshot_2020-07-17_23-42-15.png screenshot_2020-07-18_02-01-44.png
    Full changelog:
    • Added Brake Glow when brakes are above 450°C hot
    • Added Quad Turbos for Vivace i3, i4,...
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