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Gavril Vertex NA2 1.3

A 2010s Eco Box, except it has 91 versions and 840 parts to select. Now with Double Deckers!

  1. Added Extreme Aero + Invisible parts + Racing Tow Hooks!

    It's time.... for another update!
    This time I can present some extreme aero, invisible parts and more hooks. The Hooks open maaany possibilities, as you can now chain the cars together! :p
    Anyways, here some images!

    attack.png invisible.png screenshot_2020-06-28_17-53-04.png screenshot_2020-06-27_18-24-48.png screenshot_2020-06-27_18-24-25.png screenshot_2020-06-27_17-52-34.png screenshot_2020-06-27_17-53-31.png screenshot_2020-06-27_17-53-02.png screenshot_2020-06-28_18-42-20.png focus_train.png ...
  2. Another update. I got bored and made a new config with new parts, though I'd include it too.

    At the time of me uploading this, version 1.2 isn't online yet. So I thought i'd include this new stuff in the update too when I gets approved

    I got bored over the weekend and did a sort of replica of the car I drive in this car slalom race series, just lore friendly.
    screenshot_2020-06-21_18-25-17.png screenshot_2020-06-21_18-49-03.png screenshot_2020-06-21_18-49-36.png screenshot_2020-06-21_02-44-10.png screenshot_2020-06-21_02-45-21.png screenshot_2020-06-21_18-24-56.png
    This version brings the total up to 88 versions!
    The config is basically just a...
  3. Double Decker cars added! Radio lua improved, Middle screen has a function, Bugs fixed

    Hello again!
    I'm back with once more, an update of the mod. With some brand new content and bug fixes.

    Full changelog
  4. ...Once again, something was broken, so here's the fix for that

    Yes, I've learned my lesson. I'll let others test if it works fine first before throwing it into the public. Anyways, pressing space (aka the "shoot" control for the cannon) would break the car previously. That has been resolved and the control no longer overwrites the keyboard handbrake control. I've also changed the hydraulics controls and added a file path for your own music.
    Above that, exhaust muffling was added and the stock i4 and 4.5l V8 now have less momentum when revving.
  5. New content (a cannon) + further fixes + improved radio!

    I know it hasn't been long since relase and I'm already adding more content, But I was in the mood of making something and wanted to get one feature of this update out there asap: the better radio.
    I've improved the code, so you can now change volume while a song is playing wow! . And the code is a lot more user friendly now when you want to add your own music to it. Play lists have been added and instructions on what to do and what to place where are now in the...
  6. Hotfix numero Trois: Once again, a new texture issue that was reported after the last update

    The Gauge cluster texture is now fixed. It would prefiously display the Focus one when turning the headlights on.
  7. Hotfix numero deux: Fixed texture issues with STIG and fire extinguisher, fixed issue with pushbar

    Thanks for reaching in reports of broken things that were not broken on my end for various reasons (other mods, my Fort version)
    I've quickly fixed the texture issues and the police pushbar will now show up. Some unnessesary model files that I accidentally left in were removed as well.

    Report any further issues to me please. Otherwise I can't fix them if I don't know about them. Its a huge mod and it isn't all that easy to check each and every part and sometimes I do...
  8. Hotfix for North Carolina cape model missing

    A friend notified me that the North Carolina cape didn't work, so I quickly changed that!
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