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Beta Generic City 1.11

A large city with over 250km of roads

  1. jammin2222
    Some people have reported Loading issues with the map. I don't have an answer yet, but I do know the map loads fine for me and others. Some Ryzen users have reported 20+ minute loading times, and others don't have a problem. I assume there is a problem on their end that needs fixing. The map isn't putting any errors in the log, so there is nothing to try and fix as far as I can see. Please try the usual troubleshooting tips such as clearing cache, disabling mods, checking integrity of game files. It is also possible that the download got corrupted, as some people have PM'ed me saying the download keeps failing or is very slow. (That is beyond my control)
    I will continue to look for a solution, but I have nothing else to try right now. Please note that the map is large and has lots of stuff to load. Loading times for me are less than 90 seconds, so make of that what you will.
    If you have any helpful troubleshooting suggestions feel free to comment on the Generic City thread here:

    This is my updated version of Generic City.​
    You may have played on this map in the past, or you may even have an old copy. If you do have an old version I would recommend removing it and any cached files relating to it before installing this.

    Generic City is a large city consisting of a bunch of modular sections arranged in various ways. It has plenty of ways to kill vehicles.
    There are long straights with jumps, a highway running around the city and dirt trails leading to various farms. There is a basic landing strip/airport and various areas with industrial buildings, sky scrapers and housing estates.
    There are 5 scenarios to try too.
    It's not the best looking map ever made, but it dose loosely resemble a city.
    Whats new?
    • I added roads for the AI traffic.
    • I fixed the scenarios. (I can't remember if I managed to upload the old version with scenarios)
    • I converted all materials into .dds to reduce the file size a lot.
    • I removed a heap of bloat.
    • I added a bunch of spawn locations to choose from.
    • I corrected a lot of errors
    • I properly set anything with a collision mesh to actually use it. (The things left on visible mesh are intentional)
    • Other small tweaks I can't think of at the moment.
    I hope you get some enjoyment out of this(If you manage to load it):)

    pv1.png pv2.png pv3.png pv4.png pv5.png pv6.png pv7.png pv8.png pv9.png pv10.png pv11.png pv12.png pv13.png pv14.png pv15.png pv16.png pv17.png

Recent Updates

  1. Minor bug fixes, and clean up.

Recent Reviews

  1. Zecoolest8
    Version: 1.11
    I don't know why people cant load in, it took me a while but the map is fine. also, I love this map!!!! thank you!!! :D
  2. KwendaNaure
    Version: 1.11
    It would be nice some bus routes.
  3. vuurkoning1
    Version: 1.11
    it got stuck on forest for ab 2 minutes but ignoring that it is a CRAZY short loading time!
  4. ilkerrbr
    Version: 1.11
    map not loading
  5. Est
    Version: 1.11
    big map short load times
  6. Lawrence Lakat
    Lawrence Lakat
    Version: 1.11
    Map not loading.
    CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
    GPU: RTX 2060 MSI Gaming Z
    MB: X570 MSI Pro Carbon AC
    Game is on 7200RPM Hard Drive
  7. printsticker1906
    Version: 1.11
  8. Kasey1776
    Version: 1.11
    My computer is going to love me! Haha! Still this is awesome
  9. .schumacher.
    Version: 1.11
    no doubt a very good map
  10. DutchyGamer
    Version: 1.0
    A classic returns! Back in the day I spent a lot of time on this map..probably will once again. :) Apart from the loading times, I've not encountered any oddities. I wonder if you're going to continue working on this? I'd like to see some new stuff :)
    1. jammin2222
      Author's Response
      with lock down ending soon for me I won't have time to do much. it took me 10 days to clean up the files enough to get the map barely working again. adding new models it pointless as the rest of the map has too many issues. :(
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