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BeamNG.drive's most realistic Formula (2) car

  1. LucasBE

    Genesis F2
    - BeamNG.drive's most realistic Formula (2) car -
    Based off the 2018-2020 FIA Formula 2 car, the Genesis F2 was built for the sole purpose of being the most realistic formula car to date. This includes both handling and damage.



    • Stressed member engine architecture and realistic damage
    screenshot_2020-10-10_17-34-40.png screenshot_2020-10-07_01-26-09.png screenshot_2020-10-10_17-52-36.png

    Like in real life and contrary to other formula car mods, the Genesis F2 is built around the engine being a stressed component of the car. This means it is directly attached to the back of the survival cell (monocoque) and it acts as a mount for all the stuff at the back of the car.

    This also means that the transmission is used to mount the rear suspension, rear wing, diffuser, and some body panels. That makes the rear half of the car detachable and it can rip itself off in hard crashes, splitting the car in 2.

    Every single panel is jbeamed and can be detached/removed, this makes the crashes more impressive and more realistic.

    • Detailed suspension :
    screenshot_2020-10-10_17-32-56.png screenshot_2020-10-10_17-36-01.png screenshot_2020-10-10_17-42-21.png

    Both the front and rear suspension are fully modeled and act as expected. The rear suspension is mounted to the transmission like in real life.

    • Realistic, in-depth model
    screenshot_2020-10-10_17-33-50.png screenshot_2020-10-10_17-43-38.png

    Featuring real-life-inspired elements and cool details

    • 40+ individual panels, 100+ breaking points
    • DRS
    • Pit limiter
    • Realistic handling
    • 15 skins
    • 13" (2018) and 18" (2020) wheels, black and gray

    @LucasBE - Model, Jbeam, skins, some textures
    @LJ74 - Carbon texture
    @TrackpadUser , @Dummiesman , @thomatoes50 - Help with Lua
    @Formula24 - Awesome skins, references
    @bigdaddy PlaytestDS - Doms skin
    @FalloutNode - Ekisde branding
    The entire beta-testing team - beta testing I guess

    Known issues
    - Fuel tank/rear half breaks when changing a part / pressing CTRL+R
    - Wheels wobble when turning at high speed
    - Tuning/setup stuff is messed up
    - It's a bit heavy

    Please report any issue you might find on the dedicated forum thread and not in the reviews. That way I can reply to you and get more info to fix it properly.

    If you enjoy my work and want to donate, you can do so by clicking here!


    screenshot_2020-10-11_00-46-34.png screenshot_2020-10-11_16-20-37.png screenshot_2020-10-10_17-24-46.png screenshot_2020-10-10_17-28-22.png screenshot_2020-10-10_22-00-11.png screenshot_2020-10-11_12-28-58.png

    A (nice) comment/review is always appreciated :)

Recent Updates

  1. 1.1 - Handling tweaks and minor fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. MichaelC2_
    Version: 1.1
    Needs fixed for the new version of BeamNG, but overall an amazing mod
  2. Nammymusic02
    Version: 1.1
    I have problems with the mod, everytime I spawn it in and resets it, the fuel tank explodes
  3. Trunkta
    Version: 1.1
    I've come back to rate this again, since I've used this mod for a couple of months and I quite enjoy it.

    My only real downside is the car feels like it's always trying to go straight. I'm not too big into Euro-Formula (FIA) sanctioned open wheel stuff (I'm an Indy Car guy), so I don't know if this is deliberate, but at least in my take it leads to awkward driving.

    Plus the base wheel friction could be a little less to provide more slide.

    Other than that, one of the top 5 mods on this site.
  4. ㅤㅤㅤ...
    Version: 1.1
    Mod is broken. It crashes the game and gives me GPU error, i have GTX 1050
  5. -FreAkY-
    Version: 1.1
    Looks and sounds amazing but the physics are dreadful
    1. LucasBE
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the very in-depth review that will totally help me fix the issues you mentioned
  6. DutchTrains1
    Version: 1.1
    Good but when i spawn it its the doms skin with all carbon parts no texture and the fuel tank breaks
  7. Blu_piggles
    Version: 1.1
  8. Trophy
    Version: 1.1
    Driving physics:

    Even with it being so heavy, it still handles very well. It may feel heavy, but still handles well. I have never driven an f2 car, but I know of someone who has and says the car handles realistically. After the 1.1 update, it feels a bit less capable and slower around corners but feels more balanced.
    I know you have said the brakes are realistic, but you should add more adjustability anyways. In my case with my setup, pushing the brake pedal all the way causes my table to move as the pedals are connected to it, but its not connected to my chair. Because of this I need to adjust the deadzone specifically for this car. Not a lot of people have this deadzone problem, so this doesn't directly effect your review, but the adjustability problem does. Speaking of adjustability, the swaybars should be more adjustable, as by default they are at max, and if someone wanted to make them stiffer, the wouldn't be able to. Also, the ffb doesn't like high speed corners. The inside wheel hops, causing my ffb to freak out. The ffb also feels really heavy.
    Driving physics score: 7/10

    Looks and sound

    Positives: It looks great, the carbon textures look fantastic, the steering wheel is beautiful, the car is very detailed, and it sounds like the real thing.
    The sidepods could use a bit more shape.
    Looks and sound score: 10/10

    Crashing physics/jbeam

    Its unique. People have been asking for an open wheel car that splits in two for a while now, and we finally have one. It has tons of break groups. I love how the suspension can collapse
    The suspension is a big one. It doesn't break completely, so when hitting the side, the suspension either prevents the side from getting close enough to the wall and prevents side damage, or it takes away most of the energy so the sides barely get damaged. The front wing also seems a bit too weak. The rest of the car is too strong. The side impact structures don't break, and don't absorb energy, vs irl, where they are meant to deform and break to absorb energy. The car is also too hard to split in two. Looking at Grosjean's crash (I know it was an F1 car and not an F2 car), the car split at only 135 mph. It takes much more speed and a hit to the side from something sharp to split this car. Also, in F1 and F2, the race tracks are lined with tire walls, and the cars rarely hit solid things. This means the cars can be much weaker and not get damaged as much. The most recent example of an F1 or F2 car hitting a solid object is Grosjean's crash, which did tons of damage to his car at relatively low speed.
    Crash physics/jbeam rating: 8/10


    Lots of skins, lots of configs, two different wheel sizes, optional esc, its really unique, its fast, it has DRS, and it has a pit limiter.
    When changing a part or doing ctrl r, fuel tank ruptures, front wing is not adjustable.
    Other rating: 10/10

    Overall rating: 9/10
  9. CR1SPY
    Version: 1.1
    The mod is almost perfect. The only thing that would improve the mod more would be if the wheels are connected to a tether like on the real cars and that the wheels only comes of at high force
  10. aleitner
    Version: 1.0
    super nice!
    is there a way to make a own livery?
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