Genus Imperium 1.0

Luxury performance, because this market totally isn't oversaturated.

  1. Hawkins
    All new from Genus, the Imperium Coupe and Sedan


    Featuring exquisite luxury and subtle peak performance.
    Base model:
    Naturally aspirated V6 and sleek body style.

    S model:
    Sport package for the Imperium. Swaps the V6 for a naturally aspirated V8. Increased downforce from added aero pieces.

    ST model:
    Similar to the S model but with a twist. Twin turbo setup for increased high-end performance.

    ST-R model:
    Only available for the Imperium Coupe. This model is purely for track domination. Stroked out engine outputting over 1000hp, extra downforce achieved with having the low level spoiler swapped out for a GT wing, better brakes and lower weight. No compromises were made.

    Extra notes:
    Thumbnails were added for each variant (even though thumbnail generator struggles with automation cars for some reason).
    Info files were made for each variant (both car model and trims).

    Here's a bit of context for you, Genus is a fictional car company I decided to "create". It focuses on performance and luxury (like a lot of german and british brands). Expect more cars in the future!

Recent Reviews

  1. Prius
    Version: 1.0
    Looks nice!
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