Genus Stadium TT-R 1.0

Fast, lightweight, sleek and aggressive, all in the same luxurious package.

  1. Hawkins
    All new from Genus, the Stadium TT-R
    Because we totally need more luxury performance in this world.

    Something something, it's a car, it goes fast, yadda yadda yadda
    Expensive, goes vroom vroom, looks aggressive
    It's all on the info panel anyway.

    Here's the car:

    HiResPhoto3.png HiResPhoto4.png HiResPhoto5.png

    Now a rant on automation's paint/material system
    If I put a light with a bunch of different materials and color, why do you give me chrome for everything in BeamNG
    These vent lights are white, why are they chrome in the game
    The lime around the windows for style, to fit with the brake calipers too, why are they chrome in the game

    Tl;dr; automation's export watches Spongebob too much .

    Everything is chrome in the future!
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