Alpha GGrowlingOwl 0.430

Fast car on steroids.

  1. Beanualdas
    The GGrowlingOwl

    430kW 2681cc boxer-6 12000rpm
    AWD 1329Kg
    8 gear adv. automatic

    made in AUTOMATION

    You will definitely be surprised the speeds it reaches and how well it corners - even though it's not perfect by any means sadly:confused:.
    For sure will spend some time improving this build and posting it here.
    To get this car simply press SUBSCRIBE or download it and put in in your drive mods folder which is usually found in your computer's documents.

    If you like it (at least the pictures :p) please rate this mod
    HAVE FUN BEAMIN:cool:!


    1. HiResPhoto3.png
    2. HiResPhoto4.png
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