Global Police Skin Pack 1.38

Police skins from around the world

  1. jschadle
    If you have the Gavril LED Flashers mod installed be sure you have version 3.02. Both mods have been updated to fix issues with the flat light bar after the v0.11 hotfix.

    A hundred and thirty skins included.
    Default sirens can be changed by clicking on the right arrrow next to Light bar in Vehicle Customization.

    If you experience any issues like thumbnails not showing try clearing the cache.

    Save the zip file to Documents\\mods

    @KZrT010 for the Hungarian skin

    @Duster02 for the Serbian Sunburst skin and help with adding light bars and beacon

    @372minecraftlover for changing many of the sirens to make them more accurate.

    netherlands_screen.png france_screen.png australia_screen.png indonesia_screen.png lithuania_screen.png uk_screen.png belgium_screen.png mexico_screen.png croatia_screen.png sweden_screen.png london_ontario_screen.png edmonton_screen.png rcmp_screen.png vancouver_screen.png malaysia_screen.png denmark_screen.png russian_screen.png slovakia_screen.png tt_screen.png japan_screen.png finland_screen.png finland_screen2.png lapd_screen.png hungary_screen.png lapd_screen2.png new_zealand_screen.png austria_screen.png swiss_screen.png ukraine_screen.png kenya_screen.png toronto_screen.png chicago_screen.png peru_screen.png turkey_screen.png azerbaijan_screen.png greece_screen.png iceland_screen.png swiss_screen2.png norway_screen.png south_korea_screen.png estonia_screen2.png australia_screen2.png india_screen.png brazil_screen.png czech_screen.png serbia_screen3.png soviet_screen.png dubai_screen.png brantford_screen.png argentina_screen.png australia_hp_screen.png philippines_screen.png quebec_screen.png rcmp_screen2.png halifax_screen.png minnisota_screen.png lincoln_screen.png bulgaria_screen.png poland_screen2.png romania_screen.png singapore_screen.png belarus_screen.png virginia_screen.png niagra_screen.png vladivostok_screen.png malaysia_screen2.png wisconsin_screen.png italy_screen3.png isreal_screen.png german_screen.png finland_screen3.png saudi_screen.png victoria_screen.png hong_kong_screen.png china_screen.png irish_screen.png australia_screen4.png luxembourg_screen.png estonia_screen.png tt_screen2.png eugene_screen.png slovenia_screen.png swiss_screen3.png thai_screen.png spain_screen.png georgia_screen.png egypt_screen.png pa_screen.png philidelphia_screen.png toledo_screen.png indonesia_screen2.png portugal_screen.png italy_screen.png norway_screen2.png latvia_screen.png dewitt_screen.png brazil_screen2.png tanzania_screen.png chili_screen.png detroit_screen.png charlotte_screen.png boston_screen.png harrisburg_screen.png ruc_screen.png military_screen.png australia_screen3.png panama_screen.png italy_screen2.png rs_screen.png cuba_screen.png poland_screen3.png venezuela_screen.png serbia_screen.png serbia_screen2.png spain_screen2.png alaska_screen.png brantford_screen2.png border_patrol_screen.png Iran_screen.png pakistan_screen.png norway_screen3.png malta_screen.png france_screen2.png latvia_screen2.png swiss_screen4.png uk_screen2.png jamaican_screen.png japanese_screen2.png uruguayan_screen.png taiwanese_screen.png new_zealand_screen2.png uk_screen3.png

Recent Updates

  1. Four skins added
  2. Sirens changed
  3. Four skins added

Recent Reviews

  1. Hwisung
    Version: 1.38
    I was looking for south korea police car, and there it is! Thank you very much
    1. jschadle
      Author's Response
      You're quite welcome!
  2. ayxangaming3
    Version: 1.38
    UltIM8 mod but Azerbaijani police car skin must be edited
  3. Altair-MZR-
    Version: 1.38
    Thank you for doing the Ukrainian police
  4. zigav2000
    Version: 1.38
    wow I can't believe you even added Slovenian skin! thanks
    1. jschadle
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Glad you like it.
  5. Crash Testowiec
    Crash Testowiec
    Version: 1.38
  6. Mati828905
    Version: 1.38
    1. jschadle
  7. Speedy Alex77
    Speedy Alex77
    Version: 1.38
    Legendary, just legendary... Can you make a global emergency pack ?
  8. nail123
  9. MagicPeanuts
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