Beta GM Muncie SM465 4 speed manual transmission for D series V 1.0

Super great for towing as well as rock crawling, essentially a 3 speed manual with a granny gear

  1. taylorbinder66
    This is the GM Muncie SM465 4 speed manual for GM trucks in production from 1968-1995. I created this mod because I wanted to simulate the way my truck drives in BeamNG. My truck is a 1970 Chevrolet c20 dump truck, it is a super great truck, very easy to drive with this essentially 3 speed granny gear transmission. This transmission is great for rock crawling as well as towing with it's 6.55 to 1 granny gear ratio. This transmission although it only has 4 gears is super fun to drive, but the spacing is super far apart between gears meaning in 2nd gear you have to wind it out a ways to get into 3rd gear without lugging the engine and it sounds like your driving like a maniac when you're only going slow haha. Thanks for checking this mod out, enjoy!

    This is my truck

Recent Reviews

  1. jwarnold
    Version: V 1.0
    I've been waiting for this exact transmission mod ever since the game came out. My dad had an 88 3500 with this transmission and it was the first vehicle I learned how to drive. Thank you so much it's amazing!!!
    1. taylorbinder66
      Author's Response
      Wow man that is awesome! My 1970 Chevy was the first stick vehicle I learned to drive and plow snow with when I was 14. It is such a great trans for cruising haha. I'm glad you like it!!!
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