Golf GTI MK 6 (Super realistic) 1.02

This mod is a realism focused build with same power band, weight distribution, and more!

  1. Carghai74
    This mod took a while to make. This was mainly focused on realism with 1:1 specs like tires, weight,chassis type, suspension type and tuning, power band, top speed, gearing, drag and downforce, and weight distribution. The fixtures are rough but I mainly spent time on making run like a MK 6 Golf. I will update this in the future with more variants for now there is only a stock model. GTI2.jpg GTI.jpg GTI3.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. G-Farce
    Version: 1.02
    I don't agree with thomsen's initial review. How did he know if the specs were exact? he would have ripped the file out of the zip and imported it back to automation to check things like price, that's how, then he wrote the 1 star review. I agree with your reply as using the automation to make acar that BEHAVES more realistically, looks and stats sheets are more pointless if it doesn't drive or act like one so you did the right thing by taking many artistic liberties to get more body roll etc. But in future you can actually edit this stuff in for example the suspension.jbeam directly with notepad++ to reduce rollbar stiffness etc
  2. Thomsen
    Version: 1.01
    Nice to see further development. It got a lot better.
    I'm sorry if I sounded a bit rude in my first review.
    You're doing a good job. :)
    1. Carghai74
  3. Thomsen
    Version: 1.0
    There is a lot of things wrong with it:
    - Bore and stoke should be 82.5 mm. x 92.8 mm. (3.25 in x 3.65 in)
    - The real Golf is a 1984 cc. and not 2034 cc.
    - The engine head is made from Aluminum originally.
    - The real Golf had DOHC with 16 valves and not 8 valves.
    - The engine has major problems with stress on conrods and pistons.

    - The real Golf didn't have 6 puck brakes front and back.
    - The real Golf had 312 mm. vented discs front and 282 mm. Solid discs rear.
    - The real Golfs chassis and panels wasn't made from Carbon Fibre.
    - The real Golf didn't come with 6 seats.
    - The real Golf didn't cost 8.300.000 USD.

    There is still a lot of things to fix, to make it super realistic.
    1. Carghai74
      Author's Response
      the engine was tuned to be like a golf, The seat where used to give it body roll the stoke was different to give me a easer time to make the same powerband and the engine was +15 so it was easier to tune and it was light materials so I can put 6 seat to make it have accurate body roll but I will work on it though. Thanks for the feedback! and love your mods (also it is fixed)
  4. Martin.S
    Version: 1.0
    Its amazing! Sooo many details, drices like Real one :D
    1. Carghai74
      Author's Response
      thanks! this took me a week to test and make!
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