Golt SVT Python 1.0

custom street spec, will powerslide on command

  1. G-Farce
    Based heavily on an 03 SVT Mustang, but more on the fun side. Fun to drive and hoon being RWD, pretty good at everything actually..but especially good at being a crowd killer!
    • Custom Rebuilt 5.0 V8 OHV pumping out a healthy 351hp@6600rpm, 7100rpm max. Sounds wonderful.
    • Gamepad Friendly. Tuned and tested on a Dualshock 4
    • 54:46 weight balance. Is balanced.
    • Medium compound tyres fitted and works great on this grippy chassis. A touch of understeer but quite balanced with a stiff front roll bar.
    • Struts front, trailing arm rear suspension. Disc brakes, Two pistons front and rear. Viscous LSD, dual Borla exhaust tips
    • 60kg even downforce front and rear
    • 20 inch Shined Alloys (completes the SVT look)
    • Massive SVT replica trunk-mounted wing
    • You'll run out of power before you run out of gear. Has 6 gears, you'll only be using 3 thanks to the dodgy automatic torque converter. Works great for drifting, easiest auto to drift!

    This was fun to make and drive. Don't know why I didn't do this one sooner! Might do a front fascia update in future, likely have it as separate mod, keep an eye open for it

    Trim suggestion? let me know below


    1. 2003svtmustang.png
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