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Beta GPACK 0.11.4b

New parts, new configurations

  1. V0.10

    GPACK 0.10
    What's new:
    -The Road Cruiser mod is now part of the GPACK family !
    -New configuration for the ETK 800, ETK K-Series and Wentward DT40L.
    -New Flushtastic (1999) and [BROKEN] Hand-Me-Down (1989) Pessimas using various aftermarket parts.
    BeamNGdrive-014017239-RELEASE-x6411_8_20187_22_29PM.png flushtastic_A.png
    -More configurations for D-Series.
    -GPACK license plates added.
    [MISSING IN THIS UPDATE] New 17" Autobello Type 2 (4-Lug) and GP Sand Stars (5-Lug) rims for the stance enthusiasts.

    -Spoiler for the K-Series is now breakable.

    This update was very rushed, next update will have new configurations for the Roamer, H-Series, Covet and likely other vehicles.
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