Outdated GPACK 0.11.4b

New parts, new configurations

  1. V0.11

    GPACK V0.11
    Mainly fixes issues brought up in 0.16.0.x, now with updated Twoimas and Beamic Park Hoppers.

    -Parts updated and refitted for 0.16 vehicles.
    -Beamic Park Hopper now part of GPACK !
    -Twoima now part of GPACK !*
    -New eSBR parts.

    -Model fixes for ETK 800, Sunburst and Covet.
    -Updated engine sounds for added engines.

    New Parts:
    -New bumpers, 200kw battery and overvolted motors for eSBR.
    -New ultra minimalist bumper and grille for 1989 Pessima (not sure why I made these).
    -New roof rack for Sunburst (NO JBEAM CURRENTLY)
    GPACK license plates (transferred from Godzilla Pack Addition).
    -Sequential gearbox for Hopper.
    -Fartcan exhaust for 1999 Pessima (installed on Flushtastic).


    Beamic Park Hopper (Changes from V1.0.2):
    -Light bar uses new models.
    -Still uses old thumbnail, will be updated at some point.

    Twoima (Changes from V1.1):
    -All parts reshaped.
    -Parts no longer rely on their own material, they now share the 200BX's materials. This allows for better skin support and less chance of material corruption. Normals are absent and skins might appear distorted.
    -Only Heisei trim transferred but all parts remain.

    Rear window on ETK 800 trunk (with aftermarket lights) has no glass, will be fixed in a patch.


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