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Beta GPACK 0.11.4b

New parts, new configurations

  1. V0.10.3

    GPACK 0.10.3
    Minor patch that mainly addresses issues of the Midsize from 0.15.

    -Aftermarket gauges should no longer appear when not applied on 1999 Pessima.
    -Fixed interior skins with aftermarket gauges on 1999 Pessima.

    What's new:
    -19x9 and 19x10 Hirochi SunSport rims.
    -New taillights and dual exhaust tips for Hummel K-Series.
    -New fascia, taillights and rear bumper for Roamer (configs will be made for 0.11).

    Small update, sorta promised a big one and this was my fault (got busy).
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