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Beta GPACK 0.11.4b

New parts, new configurations

  1. V0.11.4

    GPACK V0.11.4
    Fixes issues from the 0.18 update, sorry it took so long!

    There might be new issues from 0.19, if you find any please report them

    -Menacing D-Series no longer explodes.
    -Grilles load for Road Cruiser
    -Bumpers for D-Series and Roamer now stay attached.
    -Reshaped parts for multiple cars.
    -Parts should be working properly now for D-Series and Roamer.
    -SBR4 Red+Black interior color no longer duplicated.
    -Rear doors for crew cab D-Series should no longer pop off.

    -ETK D5 (Volkswagen Detroit style) wheels.
    -Pessima-style headlights for Twoima (the ones from 0.11.3 stay).
    -Chrome and black tail lights for Sunburst.
    -Altezza-style tail lights for 200BX.
    -Flushed doors for Roamer (along with fixed tailgate).
    -Aftermarket tail lights for Roamer.
    -Tiny lip spoiler for Bolide and Sunburst.
    -probably more that I don't remember

    -Extended wells for D-Series.

    Note: Configs might not load all parts originally intended due to part configuration changes.

    Clear cache before installing!
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