Grand Canyon 2.0

A rich red glow is seen throughout the canyon. Jump, fly, and explore the massive canyon.

  1. Massive Update to 2.0

    This update is massive and I would have had this update quicker but school comes first. It is worth waiting for though.

    This is the update log:


    -Added smooth mesh roads

    -Added custom road texture
    -Labled all roads and ramps
    -Added Street signs for most roads
  2. Major Update: Terrain, AI, and roads.

    I have fixed all roads from car clipping. (The edges of the road catching car tires.) Highlighted in Blue:

    This is what the decal roads look like now when view close up.

    I also made car AI or Bots able to go on roads (in red)...
  3. Terrain update

    Fixed all random holes throughout terrain but also made MOST of the road to terrain transitions smoother then before.
  4. Texture fixes

    There was a texture bug on the finish line so I removed it for now.
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