Grand Marshal Demo Derby Skins 1.3

Pack of 3 Derby Skins

  1. Update for BeamNG Alpha 0.11

    F150 Ranger
    With BeamNG's latest update it became possible to remove the windows from the doors as well as the seats from the Grand Marshal so this update has removed them for these derby configurations. Also, I've remastered the stripped interior textures in HD and included a normal map for them this time. This version of the mod removes the clean version of the Banger skin, replaces the clean version of the 'Dukes' skin with a dirty one and adds an all new derby skin based off a retired taxi. All of these now have color maps so you can change the color of the wheels to whatever you want (Wheels are the first color in the color selector). Have Fun!

    banger239.png duke.png derby96.png
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