Outdated Grand Marshal with swap Semi Turbos , Superchargers skins ... 5.1

From semi turbo for Grand Marshal plus Hd skins and bonus car

  1. Powertain Update

    Powertain Update:

    Compatibility Fix for 0.8 version of the game
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  2. 0.6.1 Big update , Turbo semi Swap from 600 to 2000+hp

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  3. Updated for 0.5.3

    Updated for 0.5.3 (thermal effect)
  4. Updated for + new interior + ext skins (Road Cruiser inside)

    Updated for + new interior + exterior skins :

    New S3VT (preset include) skin with no chrome and new interior skin
    screenshot_00707.jpg screenshot_00708.jpg

    Updated Road Cruiser (preset include) skin (darker) and new interior (full leather)
    screenshot_00704.jpg screenshot_00706.jpg

    Updated Gmg skin

    Updated Drag (preset include) is now 1244hp...
  5. v2 Hd skins added plus bonus

    This update add specific skins i create for the Drag and S3VT plus a special Bonus :)

    Credit for @HadACoolName about the original...
  6. Update 1.2

    -WIP Drag version

    - Drag differentials 2.83 / 2.83 welded
    - Drag shocks
    - HD springs
    - Drag swaybar
    - Adjusted torque curve and Turbo effect (still wip)
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