Beta Grand National LeGran (w/ Open Exhaust V6 Sound) 1.3

Your Turbocharged LeGran will now sound like a beastly '80s Muscle Car!!

  1. I didn't forget about it! Here's another update!

    I know, a year later... i'm sorry guys, i was busy with life.

    So, to the
    - Added a realistic 4 Speed Automatic gearbox;
    - Reworked the engine's torque (from 310 up to 380);
    - Added "Grand National" badges to the LeGran's front fenders and an "Intercooled" badge to the trunk (need resizing still)
    (BIG THANKS to GregoryTheGamer from GTG Mods for the badges!);
    - Attempted removal of the BOV sound (since the newest update broke the jbeam code line "bov_Enabled":false)
    - I might've forgotten about something, but oh well.

    Thank you to everyone that downloads my mods, and always leaves a constructive/good review.
    Thank you to every single one of you guys <3

    Drive Safe guys!
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