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Gravitational Racing 1.3.3

A sequel to gravitational stunting, with rack tracks and full dynamic gravity

  1. The fix to the Fixes update

    The last fixes update broke some things (how ironic :p) so heres a fix for the fixes:
    • Fixed an error causing teleporters to stop working in the hub-world
    • Fixed incorrect cache file causing hub-world to have invisible walls - this will require you to clear your cache for this to take effect (save file will be moved as well so you will have to go to your BeamNG.drive directory and go into the backups directory and find the file called 'gr_savefile')
    • Fixed barriers on locked scenarios being too high
    • Fixed reloading the hub-world causing a reset of all objects which, most notably, positioned the trail for the binary system to be offset
    • Also fixed checkpoint 8 and 9 for tipping point resetting you the wrong way
    Hopefully this fixes all the problems the last update ;)
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