Gravitational Racing

A sequel to gravitational stunting, with rack tracks and full dynamic gravity

  1. Compatability for V0.24.1

    Fixes the bolide not spawning due to the new 0.24.1 update.
    Also fixes some issues with the skybox not always rendering properly.
  2. 0.23 Compatibility Update

    This update fixes the UI issues with the latest 0.23 update.
  3. Tutorial fix

    This small update fixes one of the planets in the tutorial being more massive than it should be, preventing the track from being completeable.
  4. Hubworld Conflict Fix

    Just a small update to fix an issue of conflicting hubworlds between this mod and the Intersection mod.
  5. moderation: fix

    Removed images from main menu
  6. 0.2 compatability update

    This update fixes a couple of bugs and issues that the new V0.20 update introduced as well as some other misc things:
    • Fixed teleporter effect in the hub world not showing
    • Fixed some planets in the scenario Rotunda not being picked up by the scenario
    • Removed timer from starting the hub world scenario
  7. Sky fix

    This fixes the sky colouring issues. I took the opportunity to add in custom skyboxes, one for each level of difficulty:
    screenshot_2020-04-13_13-18-43.png screenshot_2020-04-13_13-19-09.png screenshot_2020-04-13_13-19-48.png screenshot_2020-04-13_13-22-14.png screenshot_2020-04-13_14-09-58.png

    Also fixed the Solar System Simulation scenario.
  8. Misc fixes

    A couple more misc fixes:
    • Fixed the tutorial level not working
    • Fixed a potential conflict in hubworld names with the Car Games and Intersection mods
  9. Improvements and Code Cleanup

    Fixes a few broken things and cleaing up of the code:
    • Fixed the time targets for Explosive Force and Ticking Timebomb
    • Fully commented every function
    • Added in error handling with better messages to track down bugs easier
    • Fixed the console breaking when printing out info
    • Fixed last checkpoint to high in Reverberance
    • Fixed immunity after a reset - should prevent most problems with resetting near celestials
    • Fixed track (right) UI in hubworld erroring
  10. 0.19 Fix + supernovae

    This update fixes a few issues with the previous version and those introduced by the new 0.19 update as well as some new scenarios and supernovae.

    - Fixed track overview not showing in hub-world
    - Fixed player being spawned in the wrong place in Layered Instability
    - Fixed trails disappearing after resetting a scenario
    - Fixed end-screen UI's buttons not working when clicked
    - Some code cleanup/general improvements:
    - Better handling of laps
    - Cleanup of function descriptions
    - Adjust...
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