Beta Gravitational Racing

A sequel to gravitational stunting, with more racing and actual celestial bodies

  1. Minor improvements for upcoming new freeroam feature

    A few more changes and improvements; mainly, to allow for a new UI that will allow you to spawn any celestial with multiple options (including pathing) in freeroam - this will likely be dependant of this mod but will be a separate download so I can put it in the UI section.

    Besides that is some minor changes:
    • Fixed spelling mistake in forceful descent
    • Fixed an issue where the medals at the end screen UI would not animate properly
    • Adjusted some code to account for an upcoming...
  2. Reset Key Fix

    This update is a fix to the reset key not working. The key is 'H' and at the moment cannot be changed (this is intended to be temporary until I can find a better solution to this so hopefully this will be configurable later)

    I also fixed a typo in one of the scenario descriptions and adjusted the hubworld description to ammend the reset key.
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